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  • Dear GDE Users,

    After more than half a million downloads and over 5 years of development, I have made the difficult decision to step away from personally continuing active development of Google Doc Embedder. Recent breaking changes in Google’s viewer, combined with significant changes in my own life that prevent me from devoting the time necessary to recover from them effectively, have convinced me that the best future of the plugin – if it is to have a future – is in another developer’s hands.

    I welcome Dan Lester as a contributor to GDE as of version 2.5.16. He has made several other contributions to the WordPress community including a plugin called Google Drive Embedder which works in a manner similar to the core functionality of GDE, only using Google Drive as the document source rather than the WordPress document library. While there are several features of GDE that his current offerings don’t support – of primary interest, loading files from non-Google Drive URLs and private document support – it is my hope that he will be able to restore the plugin to reasonable service and continue its development, or perhaps recreate and integrate the lost functionality in some measure in his other plugin(s), making GDE obsolete. That said, I cannot guarantee what features from GDE can be restored or implemented elsewhere as a result of this change. Dan will have to speak to this as he has opportunity to assess the code base more thoroughly and hopefully to respond to some user feedback.

    Google Doc Embedder has been a labor of love for me for WordPress, and was largely responsible for teaching me programming, which has since become my career. While it’s difficult for me to see the plugin change hands and potentially change direction under a new contributor, I want to provide the highest level of service I possibly can due to this unforeseen change to Google Viewer. I simply can’t devote the time necessary to serve its users well. I will remain a co-contributor for the time being and try to ease Dan’s transition, and for the moment will continue to respond to support requests as best I can.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience, and for your support and interest in my humble addition to the WordPress community over the years. I hope it (or its derivative) can continue to serve you well in the years to come.

    Best wishes,

    Kevin Davis

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  • Kevin, you are the wizard who made GDE so effective for our website with the Enhanced Viewer. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for your contributions and service to the WP community.

    Can the program code for the EV be shared with Dan Lester so that the “no print” (cache=”0″) and “no download” (save=”0″) features can be restored? These features prevent theft of our newsletters and research. We want people to view them, but not copy them. I am not a programmer and do not know what level of effort this would involve or how long it might take.

    The new GDE does produce nice images with the viewer, no complaints here.

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    Thanks for your kind words. Dan has been made a contributor of GDE so he will have access to the entire code base. That said, once the transition is complete he will be free to do with it as he wishes, so I will have to let him speak to what he will try to implement again (if anything) from the original enhanced viewer functionality. He will likely want to hear from users about the features they are missing the most.

    Plugin Contributor danlester


    Thank you to Kevin for all your hard work. I’ll do my best to take over support and development over the next few weeks.

    Things have changed in Google Document Viewer itself, and other tools are available since GDE was first created, so we will do a full review of what is sensible to preserve/fix in the plugin going forward.

    bvance43 – your input is noted!

    Nice hand off, Kevin. All the best to your next pursuits and efforts.

    Welcome, Dan! Thanks for taking ownership of this awesome plugin!

    I really appreciate the dedication you both demonstrate here.

    –Burt Lo

    All the contributors need to be thanked. It terms of this critical plugin is there a change in direction. I have noticed big changes like documents not previewing. Does Google co-operate with these programmers or do they take the big company = we do it our way attitude.

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    Chris, there is no formal connection between the plugin and Google whatsoever. When issues have arisen in the past, I have waited in the Google support forums while the topics are largely ignored just like the general public.

    Dan continues to investigate the viability of some of the features GDE used to support. Meanwhile the number of documents that used to work with the old Google Viewer that inexplicably no longer preview is discouraging. The complexity of the viewer is much higher and the feature set seems reduced. That said, I can’t speak for Dan as to what he may or may not be able to accomplish. The process will likely take some time. I’ve made steps to make GDE as stable as possible with the reduced functionality in the meantime.


    my spraedsheet is saved in portrait format, but it appears to be landscape when displayed in viewer. Do I need to reduce width percentage in settings?
    How do I get this fixed. I see no option to adjust the page layout.


    Plugin Contributor danlester


    NOTE: Recent changes by Google to their viewer mean that some other plugins may be more suitable in some cases:

    • If you are able to store your files in Google Drive, try the Google Drive Embedder plugin. This will be faster to display, and more reliable.
    • If you are looking for mobile-friendly PDF embedding, or the ability to make it difficult to download the full PDF (the old ‘enhanced mode’), please find out more about our proposed new plugin.
    • If this plugin works as you require then we will continue to support it assuming Google still provides the underlying Doc Viewer in its current form!

    This plugin only works in “Standard Viewer” mode for the time being since the recent changes to Google Doc Viewer were incompatible with the “Enhanced Viewer” mode.



    Very nice looking viewer software. I realise I am not the only one to wish for the ability to read documents in a passowrd protected folder. However you said somewhere online that you may possibly be able to give pointer to people as to howimplement this and/or restrict the output of the document url.
    maybe some of these things will be solved by the new PDF viewer?
    In the meantime all pointers welcome !

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    @carosea Please see this thread. The thread you posted to is not related to the issue you’re reporting.



    Thank you very much Kevin, for a great plugin!

    And thanks Dan for taking on from here on. Good Luck!

    šŸ™‚ Hey Dan, I can volunteer to debug and write improves. Im a Full-time Designer and Web Developer my email is I will dedicate spare time to study the structure and code i’ll provide you insight.



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