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    Hi! Luckily I am still testing Woocommerce on my multi-site. I needed to do some updates on several plug-ins including Woocommerce updating to 3.6.1.
    After this update my log in goes totally blank after logging in.
    Looking in the log I see messages like (my url removed):
    [18-Apr-2019 14:36:28 UTC] PHP Notice: map_meta_cap werd <strong>verkeerd</strong> aangeroepen. Berichttype scheduled-action is niet geregistreerd waardoor het niet betrouwbaar is om het recht "edit_post" te controleren tegen een bericht van dit type. Lees <a href="">Foutopsporing in WordPress</a> voor meer informatie. (Dit bericht is toegevoegd in versie 4.4.0.) in /myurl/public_html/sitetest/wpbase/sitemult/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4667

    The only way to get access to my multi site admin is by deleting woocommerce folder entirely.
    When reinstalling 3.6.1 (and not network activating yet) I get the same blank page.
    When I supply define( ‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true); in my config I can install (and not activate) and access my main site. The list of installed plugins specifies that all other non main sites still have Woocommerce active.
    When I try to access one of their dashboards I get the blank page again.
    How can I get rid of WC data on those non main sites?

    And how can I properly reactivated WC on my multi-site?

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  • Harm10


    I have found out for WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA to have effect you need to switch it ON before you do an uninstall as this value only gets checked in uninstall.php.
    Alas is the coding only meant for single site (or main site in multi site) due to the way it selects: SHOW TABLES LIKE '{$wpdb->prefix}woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies' as the multi sites (except the main one) have a sequence number in between e.g. wp_15_woocommerce_shipping_zones.
    I assume the uninstall.php gets executed once and when multi site not in a loop of existing sites?
    At the moment I am left with a multi site where I can only access the main version after I uninstalled woocommerce and cannot access any of the other sites in this multi site.
    What do you advice? Delete all tables of each sub site by hand?
    At the moment this question is more important to me than solving the reason why the update went wrong in the first place!

    Can I get some indication that Support has read my report……….?



    This forum is monitored by volunteers. Sorry you haven’t been helped yet. It may be that no one here has experienced or knows your issue.

    Plugin Support Jesse Pearson


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    @harm10 Sorry for the delay, there have been no other reports of this. Were you able to find a resolution?

    I finally changed the code myself and used that to resolve the problem.
    See Code change

    I also created a feature request. Please incorporate this simple addition so whenever someone wants to uninstall on a multi-site and use WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA all sites get cleaned.

    Why this situation was there in the first place I cannot deduce any more. Fact is that Woocommerce is working fine on my multi-site although I think you should block a site wide installation (or at least offer some warning).

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