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  1. laubacht
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am looking for a plug-in or a point int he right direction..

    I run a storm chasing website that I keep a variety of stats from all my seasons. These stats show up in various areas of the website, including in blog entries, wide widgets, and static pages.

    What I want to do is find/create a plug-in that allows me to update my stats in one spot, then on the various pages that this info is on, calls upon this script and updates with whatever I have entered.

    For instance, I have a plug-in where I can go in and fill in values for "miles", "tornadoes", "states traveled", etc. I update those numbers in the plug-in area. When I save it, it writes to a PHP script that would then old these numbers to be called on.

    On the pages, I write a script that calls for "miles" and it displays the entered value from the plug-in.

    I want this so I can update these numbers in one place, but it can then be called for anywhere in the site. The plug-in would only need to handle the values as all the CSS and formatting would be covered in the template or page.

    Thoughts or suggestions?

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