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    We use BackWPup on almost 150 client sites. The update today invalidated the S3 secret key on ALL the sites.

    I recognize that you can’t fix this for me ā€“ I’ll have to go through and manually fix all of them this time ā€“ but PLEASE PLEASE fix this before the next update!

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  • Hi Bet,

    thanks a lot for reporting and sorry. I opened an issue for our developers. We will check the S3 secret keys and let you know if we can reproduce and fix this problem.

    Best regards

    All our S3 backups failed.

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    @webcitymedia: IF your issue is related to ours, simply re-enter your Amazon S3 Access Keys and save the job again. Or if you aren’t using S3, check the credentials for your destinations. It’s a fairly easy fix — IF your issue is the same.

    @christina: My teammate re-added keys yesterday, but in some instances, they didn’t seem to save properly. When I try to run a job, I get a message that the destination is not configured properly. When I look at the fixed S3 config page, everything seems like it should be, and after resaving the job, it runs normally. That’s proably a second issue?

    I’m happy to work with devs to provide info if that will help.

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    @christina: ALSO, it appears that in addition to dropping the S3 secret key, that the Bucket selection dropdown defaulted to the first bucket in the alphabetical list.

    Thanks. I should have added we already re-entered every secret key. Will be monitoring for re-occurrence.

    Just to add to this, had the same issue after an update a couple of days ago. Upgraded a multisite from 4.6.3 to 4.7.2 and updated BackWPup from 3.3.4 to 3.3.6. Received an email after the next backup that stated an error of “The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided…” while trying to send the backup file to S3.

    Like stated, had to re-enter the secret key and also flip the Bucket back to the one I wanted as it defaulted to the first bucket in the S3 bucket list. After that, the manual run I kicked off seems to have run to completion fine.

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    Jeff, thanks for posting — I was beginning to think that it was just me, since there aren’t any other threads with this issue! šŸ™‚

    I wonder if there are any commonalities in our setups (server or other plugins running) that could be a part of this issue? Or maybe Christina can update us on what the devs think might be causing this.

    I have noticed that when I migrate a site from dev to live, the S3 secret key also falls off, but I’ve always assumed that this was related to the domain/url change. Maybe it’s related to this issue?

    My weekly database backups on several sites failed with errors today…the S3 secret key was gone. I re-entered it (by logging in to each site’s dashboard and putting it back…tedious but not complicated). While there I checked my monthly full site backup jobs, and the secret key was missing there as well, so I put it back, and hopefully it will stay in place for the coming backups.

    I will join others in asking to PLEASE get this fixed before another update … it is time consuming to have to check and re-enter the S3 keys for multiple sites.

    Same issue as Jeff Lambert and others since 17 Feb 2017. This was probably when I implemented WordPress 4.7.2 and BackWPup 3.3.6. However, although I had to re-enter the secret key, I havent noticed a need to flip the bucket back to the one I wanted.

    Same- S3 access keys remained but lost secret keys from options.
    Had to delete S3 access keys and create new keys with secret keys.

    Hi @all
    we are currently investigating the lost credentials issue. Can you please tellus, what your php version is?


    Apache Version 2.4.25
    PHP Version 5.6.30
    MySQL Version 5.6.35

    This has been going for awhile during moves from one host to another. That last update killed all the secret keys during the update, not a move. Either case is obviously an additional labor cost.

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    As I mentioned in the original post, we have almost 150 sites running BackWPup. There does not seem to be any correlation to PHP versions. Sites where secret keys & buckets were deleted were running PHP versions: 5.3.29, 5.6.27, 7.0.6 & 7.0.12.

    As webcitymedia mentioned, the secret key dropping on moving or restoring a site has been happening for quite a while. For us, even when when moving or restoring on the same host.

    Again, happy to work with devs to provide info that might help fix this.

    WordPress version 4.7.2
    BackWPup version 3.3.6
    PHP version 5.3.29 (64bit)
    MySQL version 5.5.51-38.2

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