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  • I just installed Gudlyf’s Update Notify plugin. It does what I want it to, but there’s an error in the text of the email it produces I thought I might post here for your information:
    If your WP root directory is not the same as the root of your blog, the email sent out contains the wrong URL (the one for the WP root). To fix this, go to line 41 of the php file and change “get_settings(’siteurl’)� to “get_settings(’home’)� .
    On a different note, I ran into the internal consistency of WP (and php with CSS positioning) for the first time when I used the previous_post() and next_post() tags to create a nav bar. It was the first time I tried putting in something new (as opposed to shifting around the parts of index.php). I added the tags, arguments and CSS style and then wondered how to get the nav bar to be present only if it’s a single-post page. Worrying about if statements I tried what I had done so far and ‘lo and behold, if the page contains multple posts, “previous” and “next” are undefined and the navbar is automatically absent. Three cheers to WordPress!

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  • Grrr.. sorry, mistyped something in the tags. First sentence: I just installed Gudlyf’s Update Notify plugin

    I find this similar plugin a bit better. What did you like about Gudlyf’s ?

    I like that it’s simple and that I understand what it does. I don’t like that there’s no “content-type” header but I’m learning to add one.
    My ISP has disabled the php mail() function to prevent spamming. It’s an undocumented feature that I can still use it to send mail to addresses in my ISP’s domain. Therefore, I’ve set up a mailing list, which provides the auto subscribe/unsubscribe functionality, and the only address the plugin is sending mail to is the mailing list address. I have no idea how WP manages to send comment notification emails to my admin address, which is a gmail address and not in the same domain…
    Seriocomic’s plugin looks great and much more powerful, but I didn’t want to install something I don’t understand and then realize that I still need the “mailing list” wokaround. Maybe I wouldn’t — no idea.
    It’s all a very educational experience.

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