• Hi,

    This is a great plugin however the update kinda ruined it. I still like to reduce the widget by clicking top arrow but this facility has vanished since update.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks Tracey

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  • Plugin Support Asad Shahbaz


    Hi @scruffy1

    You can simply turn the widget off from the screen options. Uncheck the Analyity dashboard option and it won’t appear again.

    Analytics is a significant part of your site, the widget remains open so you can always get a glance at your site analytics.

    Screenshot: https://monosnap.com/file/FPZD9XTHUDYtVapV7UCUcSNyIr07Ab


    H Asad,

    Thanks, however I wanted the ability to shrink it down like the same ability I have with other widgets on dashboard.

    My only real option is to deactivate and delete the main plugin because after deactivating widget I still have the visible ‘get a widget’ to see stats on screen notice. I realise I can simply set it to not show widget but this is not what I wanted to do.

    When I first uploaded widget it was great and I expanded it when I wanted to check stats, but then it was updated which then gave user no choice but to leave it open on dashboard.

    Thanks Tracey

    Plugin Support Asad Shahbaz


    Hey Tracey,

    Analytify doesn’t show any “get a widget” notice once you deactivate the widget. Can you share the screenshot of the error notice so I can investigate further.





    I would share a screenshot but I do not know how to upload an image to this forum.

    Thanks Tracey

    Plugin Support Asad Shahbaz


    You can simply upload the image somewhere and provide the link to image here.


    Issue or concern reported above by @scruffy1 also reported here.

    Please click on the link for image you requested.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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