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    Hi! I have almost all your premium plugins. I hired someone to hack the plugins to make it work to a client’s specs. Site is at yourokagent .org.

    I am currently running Version 3.1.1 of Business Directory. How would I make sure that the new version does not overwrite the old one? I am not sure which files were edited. Is it similar to child themes? Can I put the essential files in my theme folder?

    Your advice on this is appreciated!



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    Hi Andrea,

    Not knowing the scope or kind of changes your developer made, I can’t really say with any authority here how to migrate this. What kind of changes did they make? If they are pervasive throughout the plugin, you would need them to move the changes from 3.1.1 to the 3.2.3 in order to allow the upgrade.

    If you did theme specific template work, and you followed this ( then an upgrade should be easier, but that’s a guess from me and you should tread with care until you understand exactly what changes were made.

    Thanks! I tried moving some of the files over last night and the one hack that didn’t work was to display zip code search results in a random order. If you would happen to easily know which file that is, please let me know.

    Otherwise, I think I will do some trial and error testing. It was a learning experience for me. Unfortunately. I definitely want to be able to get the updates so it will be worth my time to get this figured out.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    I don’t know that file off hand, sorry. You’ll be in the code and comparing things, so I suspect you’ll come across it shortly.

    Would it work to simply copy the files to the template directory then update the plugins?

    So obviously this is not the solution.

    Is there any way you can tell me where in the Business Directory Plugin folder that the ‘order by’ function is located to I can set it back to Random order? I have looked in every file with no luck.


    Or… Is there a list that shows the file names amended since version 3.1.1? Thanks.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Would it work to simply copy the files to the template directory then update the plugins?

    No, that’s not recommended as we often upgrade/change/add new templates. Doing this will severely break the plugin.

    Which specific “order by” are you looking for? We use this all over the place, so I need more guidance on which one you want to change.

    We don’t have a list of files changed since 3.1.1, you would have to manually create such a list using SVN and diff.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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