• Hello!
    First of all thank you for this plugin πŸ™‚
    I’m using it for the first time withe the latest versions of WP and GF
    I had a notice (just once) on activation (but I forgot to write it down)…
    I also have some PHP warnings :

    • get_currentuserinfo is deprecated
    • Undefined index: isEnablePersistentClear (on submit)

    I think an update would be great if you have some time!

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  • FWIW, simply as another user and just to get the ball rolling on possible maintenance fixes for this very thoughtful and useful plugin, I was able to get the code working with the following rewrites (although I did not adequately test these fixes to ensure their sufficiency):

    1. Where the .php file currently has “get_currentuserinfo();”, replace that call and the preceding “global $current_user;” with “$current_user = wp_get_current_user();”. (This occurs in three places in the current code.)

    2. Where it has “if ($form[‘isEnablePersistentClear]”, change it to “if ( (array_key_exists(‘isEnablePersistentClear’, $form) && $form[‘isEnablepersistentClear’])”. (Perhaps isset() would have been better? Also, I know I don’t resolve here the underlying issue: why was this field once set and now no longer is?)

    3. Where it has “jQuery(‘form.gfdp’).live(‘change keyup’, function () {“, change it to “jQuery( document ).on(‘change keyup’, ‘form.gfdp’, function () {“. (While jQuery’s live() still appears to work, it is deprecated, so I add this just in case πŸ™‚ )

    I know these fixes aren’t particularly elegant or necessarily complete, but I thought mentioning them here might help a few.

    @rosenfel, Thanks for your support, I have modified the source files with your suggestions.
    I also got the above mentioned error in my installation.
    This happens due to not maintaining the plugin for at least last three major release of WordPress core.
    I think the author Robert Iseley @unclhos is away or busy with something else. I noticed that, the contact point of Robert Iseley is dead and his personal website is also down.
    Concern is that, if it is not updated in near future, then the plugin will be deprecated at many of WordPress functions.
    Also it will not be supported by Gravity Forms’ modern coding soon.
    – Hope someone expert in development to take over the plugin with new updated repositories.

    Hi everyone, Gravity Forms has a native feature similar to this called “Save and Continue” within each individual form’s settings.

    To find this setting: Go to the Forms dashboard > “select your form” > Settings > Form Settings > “Scroll Down” > Check the Enable Save and Continue checkbox.

    Note the security warning that this should be used on HTTPS.

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