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  • Roy Ho


    Sorry I am not seeing any wrong for you? Can you describe the issue? Both sites the tabs work for me…

    Thanks for the quick reply. Since you said all is well I tested a bit more.

    I run Linux and use google chrome for my main browser. I fired up firefox and the tabs where present again. rekonq as well. so far chrome is the only one it’s doing this in. I’ll try chrome on windows as soon as i can (unless some good soul beats me to it.)

    Here’s what it looks like in google chrome on my machine:
    which is this page snap shotted:

    Other than that the alignment isn’t right but i’ll post a new thread about it since it’s a different issue.

    Roy Ho


    I tested in firefox…Ok so you’re saying it is just minor cosmetic issues right? It functions correct?

    Yes, it functions and i really like the update….
    I’ll work on the misalignment soon as i can and check back in.

    Thank you

    also doesn’t make sense to change naming conventions in an update, its like we all have to start again from scratch to fix js and CSS overrides in all out themes.

    nothing work with splashingpixels as their themes

    you pay, fatal error, they do nothing, they keep money

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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