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  • Since I dont have cron job access, I’ve been using a butchered version of Carthik’s “Update Blogroll” plugin to hit the update-link.php file to show recently updated links. Now ever since Ping-o-Matic went offline it started throwing up

    “Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to in C:\Domains\[snipped]\wwwroot\journal\wp-admin\update-links.php on line 26”

    Now Ping-o-Matic is back online it’s still throwing these errors my way.

    Does anyone have a good idea of how to stop the update-links.php hitting Ping-o-Matic?

    As a side note, I said some 11 months ago that Ping-O-Matic wasn’t the best choice to solely track weblog updates, this kinda just goes to prove it

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  • You can use the Blogroll Update plugin. I used it successfully on WP 1.5 and WP 2.0. You can find it at:

    And, for the record, I think Pingomatic works fine. I used to use Blogrolling and it added as many as 10 seconds to my page being rendered.

    OK, how can the blogroll update work if manually going to my update-links.php brings up…

    you guessed it…

    “Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to in C:\Domains\[snipped]\wwwroot\journal\wp-admin\update-links.php on line 26”

    I simply cant connect to ping-o-matic to get the list of updated sites

    I’m just looking for a way to bypass ping-o-matic altogether while keeping the links in my link manager updated

    It’s been down for a few days now. It’s actually a regular occurance and I hope there will be a better way to update links in the future.

    So edit lines 18 and 26 in update-links.php to reflect the service you want to check for link updates. If you are using the Blogroll Update plugin, you’ll have to edit that as well.

    Make sure you back up the files before editing!

    Thats another problem, I don’t know what other services to use or what to put in there

    Blogrolling,,,… just Google blog update and see what comes up. Each of these sites will tell you how to use their site to update a blogroll.

    $fs = fsockopen('', 80, $errno, $errstr, 5)

    The above code (from wp-admin/update-links.php) has consistently failed with a timeout error since at least January 11, 2006.

    Matt Mullenweg has mentioned revamping the api: I hope that solves this problem.

    Actually, i’ve since ditched the blogroll completely

    I guess that’s one solution.

    any idea when pingomatic api will start working again.

    I’m confused. If Pingomatic is going so well, as per the Pingomatic blog, why can’t we update links with it? What good is it to ping somewhere that doesn’t allow me to know which sites were pinged. I’ve tried rewriting update-links.php, but with no luck. Am I missing something simple?

    “Am I missing something simple?”

    How about the fact that you can’t believe anything that’s posted in a blog about a program or site that’s absolutely NOT WORKING. As in broken.

    Ah, thanks, vkaryl.

    It’s like when you find out that the local football star is actually a crackhead who beats his girlfriend and you think, “Gee, but he comes from such a good family *sigh*”.

    Heh. Yeah…. bummer huh?

    I tried to comment about it in the Pingomatic blog since it’s a Pingomatic problem. Comment is still awaiting moderation.

    I also tried several times to find this thread in WP support search without luck. I had to Google it. The style tags in support weren’t any help either in finding it.

    What good is it to ping Pingomatic with each post if it doesn’t show updated links on one’s blog? Kindof defeats the purpose of Pingomatic as an update service.

    Still can’t get it to work. I’ll have to try fixing links-update.php to ping another service since Pingomatic is dead.

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