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    Just updated plugin from Google Calendar Events to Simple Calendar and having a few issues. On initial update the calendar disappeared! I’ve relinked and reset the calendar details so the calendar now appears but now looks different. How can I get back what I had yesterday? Where are the style settings I had? How do I get rid of the month title (I’m in a list view)? How do I get rid of the date titles i.e. the ones in white text with the black background and line? How do I change font sizes and colours back to what I had?

    Thanks, Mark


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  • Had some issues with the upgrade to Simple Calendar. I didn’t lose the API and my calendar worked as before in grid view. However, the list view does not work as before. I want to display 30 events in a list with date and title on one line and no spaces between lines – just like the Arsenal fixture list in the programme – up the gunners! Instead of this, I get great chunks of white space. Since I want my members to be able to print out the feed on one sheet of paper, it’s not useful to display like this. I thought the Compact option might do the trick but this option only appears in the documentation???? I had to revert to 2.1.1 and quickly got the look that I wanted.
    Kudos to you guys for a great free plugin and for the ongoing development of it. I hope to be able to upgrade to Simple Calendar once display options are back.

    List was converted to grid after update. Changed back to list, but looks pretty ugly now, doesn’t match site design anymore. Downgraded to 2.4.0, but all feeds are lost now.

    Horrible. Wish I hadn’t updated. 🙁

    Dear all,
    Thanks a lot for the news release which sounds promising.
    I’ve as well some issue with the update release 3.0.1
    I’ve updated.
    I was able to see the calendars but :

    1. There was no french translations.
    2. I remain on the page “Welcometo Simple Calendar 3.0.1” and I CANNOT change nor access to anything else. I am blocked on this page.
    Whatever I click on the menu ‘HomePage, pages, Widget”, I remain there:


    Kind regards

    Updating to 3.0.1 lets me get my previous feed back. One problem solved. Thanks for that.

    I had of course to modify all of them because the appearance is not as before. 3 suggestions to improve the latest version:
    –widget: how to display several calendars in it ?
    –how to get rid of the title (e.g. “Nov-Dec”) in the list format ?
    –list format is much less compact because a double line space before and after the description field is automatically placed. Can we modify this ?

    Anyhow, many thanks for your quick reaction to my main upgrade problem: getting rid of all our feeds

    I agree with many of the thing said. I’m reverting to the old one now.

    the CSS changes are the biggest thing for me as well as modifying the CSS to make it cleaner.

    I also want to know how to easily remove the title and nav arrows.

    The new plugin did not work in my Apppresser based app unlike the previous version.

    Upgrade from 3.00 to 3.01 fixed the problem that all my calendars went missing.

    I spent an hour overriding all your new CSS and it looks like it did before.

    This worked for me, it might no for anyone else.

    .simcal-day-label, .simcal-date-format, .simcal-nav { display: none; }

    .simcal-events { list-style-type: none; }

    I have just upgraded from 2.4 to 3.0.1 and can confirm that the feed and api key do now port across correctly.

    However, as other’s have mentioned, in list view (haven’t checked other views), my calendar displays “Nothing from Tue, 10th Nov 2015 to Tue, 8th Nov 2016.”.

    This was remedied by changing the Latest Event setting from ‘Day End of Start Date’ to ‘1 Year(s) After Start Date’ (or whatever suitable time range your calendar requires)

    This setting should be fixed to port from the old version so that calendars continue to display without intervention. If the setting is new and didn’t exist on the old version then I suggest a safer default setting should be used during the update, such as ‘1 Year(s) After Start Date’.

    Posted 1 hour ago #
    Upgrade from 3.00 to 3.01 fixed the problem that all my calendars went missing.
    I spent an hour overriding all your new CSS and it looks like it did before.
    This worked for me, it might no for anyone else.
    .simcal-day-label, .simcal-date-format, .simcal-nav { display: none; }
    .simcal-events { list-style-type: none; }

    I tried the upgrade again on a test site – 3.01 fixed the upgrade issue but still left the formatting challenge.
    Had to modify Simon’s CSS a bit for my theme – iFeaturePro – but now getting closer to the previous look.

    /* Tweak Simple Calendar Widget */
    .simcal-day-label, .simcal-date-format, .simcal-nav { display: none !important; }
    .simcal-events { list-style-type: none; }
    .simcal-default-calendar-list, ul.simcal-events, li.simcal-event { padding: 0px 0px; margin-bottom: 0px !important; }
    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    Alright I am going to mark this thread as resolved since it looks like the actual update issue with the feeds disappearing is resolved. There are a lot of other off-topic things mentioned in here so could you please post those in another thread if there is one with a similar issue or create a new one.

    I am trying to stay on top of all of this for all of you so the more I can keep it organized the better I can respond.


    Getting this –

    Nothing from November 10, 2015 to December 9, 2015.

    for list view; trying Chris info above but still no listing.

    I have my list view working 🙂

    As I wrote, I had these updat issues too. Today I updated from 3.0 to 3.0.1… now at least all my feeds are back. Thanks!
    Now I just have to get into the new design and features.

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