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  • hi all

    first, i apologize in advance for being a complete noob. i’m sure there are many things i’m about to write which will be completely unclear…

    i’ve been using wordpress 2.3 on an server for a few years. i have two domains on the server: and has wordpress installed at its ‘root’ (the HTML dir), with no redirects. has it in a sub dir called ‘V2’. the home or HTML index page for simply has a link directing visitors to the /V2 dir. in other words, the two sites look like this: (WP index) (WP index) is running WP 2.6 just fine. is running 2.3. i tried updating to 2.6.5 as specified (copying files, updating wp-config file, etc.), but when i try to finalize my update by heading to a page appears telling me ‘no update necessary’- when i hit continue i’m taken to, NOT thereafter any time i visit i’m redirected to BLEH.

    i’ve tried updating 3 times and the same thing each time. i can’t read PHP for errors, and i wish i knew where to start debugging! any suggestions for a novice…?


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  • I’m not an expert, but first triple check where you are placing the WordPress files and ensure that you’ve actually uploaded all of the files needed. Sometimes my FTP application just stops in the middle.

    Next, triple check the wp-config.php file to ensure you renamed it from sample and have the correct db information in there. Are you using the database information from the correct site?

    There may be a setting somewhere since you are not using the normal /wordpress/ or root directory – you are using /V2/ so check that too.

    That is my guess.

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