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  • iceq



    I have a wordpress 2.2 on one host, and now I have finished installing a new 2.6.3 wordpress on a new host, where I am going to stay with my blog.

    I have imported all the posts and comments and users from the backup, and am installing the updated versions of the plugins.

    The problem is, the images that I posted in my old blog are hosted in the old host, and they load well in the new blog, but I am planning to close my account on the old host, and delete my old blog, and redirect my domain to the new host. Then, the images will not load because they are deleted.

    Supposing I downloaded all the uploaded content from the old blog and uploaded them to the new host, maintaining the exact same folder names and files paths. How can I set the new blog to look for the images in the same links path ?


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  • moshu


    Yes, that’s the way to go:
    1. Download all the images/files from the old location
    2. Upload them in the same folder structure
    3. Use the Search and Replace plugin to find
    and replace it with
    in your posts. I used it many times and it works perfectly.



    U know what .. I think I wouldnt need that at all .. since the blog will be on the same url (, just like the old one (will redirect it to the new host), and I have uploaded the images and files to the new host, keeping the exact same directory structure.. I think I wouldnt need to change anything !!

    dont you think so ?



    If the URL/domain is not changing… then, of course, you don’t need to change anything.

    Using the word “redirect” was misleading. You do NOT redirect the domain. You point it to the new name servers (DNS). You “redirect” an old different domain to another new one.



    oh ok 🙂

    thax anyway

    Thnxs for the piece of advice. It worked perfectly!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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