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  • Hello Emmageddon, what is your comments plugin or structure? It is very clean! And what plugin do you use as social bar (that one above your comment input text area, with facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.)

    Very neat, clean and professional! 🙂

    Hello I use Jetpack though all comments are off as I only want to use the FB comment system (just found out that having Jetpack comment OFF was causing the alignment issues – this needs sorting for those of us who only want to use one comment system). I also use Jetpack for the share buttons under each story and the news bar at the very top of the site is a plugin called News Bar.

    Anyway as mentioned above I have had some changes to the issue but not happy and think this needs to be looked at. I decided when I remade my clients site that I wanted to have FB ONLY comments and not a mixture of Jetpack WordPress comments and FB Comments. The fact that the latest update causes an alignment issue with the comment box for FB should you have Jetpack turned off concerns me.

    Is anyone else experiencing this too?

    Hello Emmageddon, thanks! I don’t use Jetpack, I have to try it and see how it works with FB comment system. Anyway, good job!

    Jetpack has its own comment system which does have FB, Twitter and WordPress login capabilities for users. But for me I wanted to not be using Jetpack and instead be using this plugin.

    Again so no one is confused still do not believe this issue is solved.

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Version 1.3 of the plugin moves the Comments Box from a post-content filter to a replacement for your theme’s comments template.

    Niall I have changed this back to unresolved. Forgive me but I did read the documentation BEFORE updating the plugin – so was well aware of the change – however I believe that change caused an issue which may have been sorted on some ways but I am worried that it may come back. I had to turn the Jetpack comment back on before I could get it to align properly. I believe this needs looking into just to be sure that there are no coding erros.

    Niall again this is not sorted – please can you see the page I linked to above and tell me what you think. The fact that you guys have changed something means my site is now not working properly no I find it a bit f a shame that your only solution was to show me the “what’s in new version” without actually looking at the issue and determining if what has happened can be fixed.

    Please can someone look at this, it’s not good.

    Here is another story link with comments to show you the comments are not right and I need more than being shown the whats new package I read before I posted.

    Thank you

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    The only thing I have been able to do is reupload the previous version to make this work properly. Not resolved as new version misaligned the comment box – it needs looking into.

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Try applying CSS rules to the comments box for alignment and other customizations in your theme.

    Niall I’m not doing that, the comment box before your programmers made the latest version, appeared directly under the post, it is now, if I apply the latest version, appearing skewed. I’m rally disapointed with the advice here. My comment boxes should appear where it is supposed to appear, and I shoul not have to change CSS rules because an update to your plugin has changed this.

    You are asking me, to fix your plugins alignment problem that your plugin is creating. It’s not me that changed anything.

    It also appears I’m not the only one:

    What’s annoying me is I have addressed an issue with the latest update and both of your suggestions have been unhelpful, the first telling me to read documentation and I had already read and the second telling me to fix it myself.

    I have just installed the update on my test site which is a mirror of the live site I had originally updated (but had to revert to previous plugin version) – same issue:

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    “My comment boxes should appear where it is supposed to appear, and I shoul not have to change CSS rules because an update to your plugin has changed this.”

    The update to the plugin placed the comments box where it is supposed to appear, as part of your theme’s comments component instead of an add-on to your post’s content. The change may break your old CSS rules.

    Niall, first off can you STOP putting this to resolved. Your answers are not helping at all. The changes made have changed the comment location and it is breaking the way they appear on my posts. The fact of the matter is, the system was not broke before so why fix it. You can keep telling me, this is what you have done but as I have said several times I know this, I read the change logs of every plugin I update.

    You are just regurgitating the changeoog and providing no solution. Your plugin should not break my CSS and as it does, I need help knowing how to adjust to compensate for your teams changes.

    I can’t believe the lack of support here. Until adequate support is provided this remains unresolved. Your plugin changed things, not anything I did.

    Btw, I’m also disappointed as I note another user who has comment box issues was given a solution not reguirgitation of what the changeoog is. All I have asked for is help here. I don’t know what you’ve changed and Ive never had any comment box do was this version of FB is doing. Your help is gratefully appreciated, but so far I just feel I’m being pushed off with “you figure out our changes”!

    Fixed my own problem using Nialls helpful solution to another member with similar problems.

    Would have been so much simpler and less frustrating if the advice had been given here also. I love the plugin and it helps my needs but my first go with support has not left me confident

    *Bangs head against desk*

    And its broken again. Please can this be looked at properly with proper support. I need help to find a solution which is all I have asked for. I’m at my wits end on this!

    I’m using the Modularity Lite theme and I have tried

    .comments-area {
    	float: left;

    to try to negate the issue – it appeared to be working earlier but it’s not. I’m at a loss and just need some proper support on this.
    Thank you.

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