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    Hi Team.
    Have a WP site that wasn’t maintained for several years – theoldteashop.com.au
    Was able to upgrade most plugins, also WP from 3.3 to 4.7.5 (latest is 4.8)
    WP eCommerce is upgraded to latest Version 3.12.2

    Smart Manager for WP e-Commerce is old 1.9.1, but was the paid Pro Version.
    The web-dev that built the site stopped trading several years ago, and the business has changed hands a couple of times, but we still have a need to upgrade Smart Manager.

    1. We don’t know what email was used on the account to purchase Smart Manager – any way of checking?
    2. We don’t know whether the paid subscription was annual, or life. Any way of checking?
    3. If this was lifetime, please help us recover our account.
    4. Can we upgrade directly from 1.9.1 to current 3.9.23, or is there a migration path that must be followed?

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  • David


    5. And just to confirm – the latest Smart Manager works with WooCommerce, but does it also work with latest WP eCommerce?



    Thank you for your reply. For the benefit of other readers –

    1. Without any email or transaction detail, I you can’t locate my order.

    2. All your products have annual licenses which is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. After 1 year, I would need to renew the license in order to receive updates and support.

    3. You assure me it wasn’t a lifetime license as you don’t offer lifetime licenses.

    4. Version 1.9.1 was released 5 years ago. So as my license is now expired, I need to re-purchase a new license of Smart Manager Pro.

    5. Yes, the latest version will work with WP eCommerce.

    I have purchased, downloaded, installed and activated Smart Store Manager – and it works a treat !

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