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Update fails constantly

  • cablord


    Hi there, the plugin worked great, until recently i moved the directory of the site, for some odd reason now it claims it can’t see the directory in which it sits (that does exists, anyway according to my hosting path), oh i did re-install the plugin and checked my sql for old remains (without finding anything offcorse)
    would like for some help 🙂

    Online Backup for WordPress Plugin Version 3.0.4
    WordPress Version: 3.6.1 (standalone)
    PHP Version: 5.3.6
    Server Software: Microsoft-IIS/7.0
    MySQL Server Version: 5.0.96-log
    MySQL Client Version: 1.0; MySQL Packet Size: 32 MiB
    Memory: 256M; Post: 8M; Upload: 8M; Timeout: 300
    Memory Changable: Yes; Admin Cache Size: 317.14 KiB
    Status: 1 row, 23.81 KiB packet size, 315.88 KiB cache freed, 32.48 MiB memory used
    Capabilities: hashcopy gzdeflate php5hash DES AES128 AES192 AES256
    End of Information

    and here is the error it self:
    Skipping filesystem backup due to an error: Could not access D:/Hosting/9815940/html. No such file or directory

    would like for some help 🙂 many thanks in advance!


    oh btw, i noticed that the hosting dir location in my hosting service is with ‘\’ instead of ‘/’ though i guess it does not matter..

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  • cablord


    Apparently i haven’t got the right permissions for my root folder.. Do you know of any fix perhaps? i am on godaddy windows server (I know it is much easier on linux.. but this is what i have in the meantime)



    Managed to fix the permissions problem.. now though i cant seem to get the backup process complete.. constantly says: A timeout occurred (large files and slow servers are a common cause of this); trying again..

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi cablord,

    If you have very big files it can cause the problem. Sometimes need to be excluded. We have a diagnostics version:

    If you use this one instead you can hit Help & Support and it will have a link to the trace log at the bottom. Just need to save this, compress it, and email to support “at” backup-technology.co.uk and we can diagnose the timeouts. Mention my name and link to this topic so we can locate it.





    I’m having problems with backup throwing this error sequence:

    The activity failed: Attempt to write to file /homepages/35/d157682732/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wponlinebackup/tmp/backup.zip.7f7d253479594f092a80c36a2363c4c557358d79.rc.php only partially succeeded. Only 0 of 0 bytes were written. (6664649 bytes already written.) PHP last error: An error happened at: disk.php(812)
    unlink(/homepages/35/d157682732/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wponlinebackup/tmp/cdrbuffer.025ecadbcc0e9c57aefba850c0166ae132270776.1.php): No such file or directory

    Any idea what I can do to fix?

    Still failing. This is the error we get: The activity failed: Attempt to write to file /homepages/35/d157682732/htdocs/Clients/jewishsacredaging/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wponlinebackup/tmp/backup.indx.61dea6198d18d4653b24d03b58c30c6b98bfd322.rc.php only partially succeeded. Only 0 of 0 bytes were written. (65 bytes already written.) PHP last error: No error message was logged.

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