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  • Hello,

    I upgraded from 4.3 to 4.7 and all went well.
    Updating individual plugins after that threw the above mentioned error.

    I can confirm it is not a permission or file ownership issue. In fact, the plugin did get updated when i refreshed and i verified it was indeed updated. So obviously, it could write to the plugin folder (even chmoded it to 777 just in case).

    The errors is sent from :


    and generated by this code from above file:

    /* translators: %s: directory name */
    $this->strings[‘fs_no_folder’] = __(‘Unable to locate needed folder (%s).’);

    wondering if this is a WordPress 4.7 bug regarding failed upgrade of plugins.

    Thank you for your support

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  • Moderator t-p


    If your server does not allow auto updating of plugins, have you considered installing/updating plugins manually?:

    Thank you t-p for your reply.

    Before i answer your question, let me clarify more details.

    The issue happens only when I upgraded from 4.5.3, I can upgrade from 4.5.4 fine.
    One of the files affected with the update on 4.5.4 is this one:


    In fact, as i mentioned in my original entry, both the upgrade or install did take place (refreshing showed the plugin was indeed updated/installed), but instead of reporting Plugin was updated, it throws above error. So in essence, the error is pointless .

    My server is configured to ask for ftp credentials which i entered after clicking “Update now”. I don’t install them manually (nor do i want that).

    My guess is file:


    from WordPress version 4.7 is not backward compatible with 4.5.3..

    I could be wrong…

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