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  • hello i have big problem which i have to solve it fast . i tried to upgrade the version of wordpress in my site . i tried to upgrade it 2 times and both times it was showing me a error and i wasnt able to enter in the site and in the adminpanel . so i logged in in webhosting control panel and restored the site with the tool ” One Click WEb site restore” . Okey the first time it worked but on the second time it didnt worked so i restored and the datebase via “One Click Datebase restore” but after i restored it the language in my site was bugged . It should be in bulgarian but its in like hieroglyphs . i think problem is in decoding or idk . i need to fix that problem fast . here is screen of how text is showing

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  • The One Click Database Restore tool has most probably restored the MySQL database using wrong character set. The correct character set for Bulgarian is UTF8. You have to ask the web host support team to re-import the backup and use the following option during the import:


    In addition, they may need to check the collation of the database and change it. For more details how to do this you can check this link:

    This tool is also very useful to change the collation for all tables and columns:

    well my web host support team told me that there are two kind of encoding in my datebase , utf8_general_ci
    latin1_general_ci . so i entered in phpmyadmin , clicked on operations and then on the Collation i choosed utf8_general_ci ( before i change it was on latinl_general_ci.But after all encoding is still not working .. but its is strange that on the first web site restore all was okey (text and widgets) but on the second one click restore the encoding has bugged and even the widges from the left side and rightside are gone ..

    anyone can help me please

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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