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    update deleted all my subscribers and settings, looks to be a new install. how can i Manage Lists, no list to be found?!?

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    Subscribers are now part of Audience. Please refer Email Subscribers Plugin Redesign article.

    Settings are also intact. We didn’t delete any settings.

    yes figured it out that Subscribers are now part of Audience, however when i go to Audience, No contacts available. When i try to export Contacts or Manage Lists, no list to be found.

    another thing..

    have message that will not go away..

    Email Subscribers data update – Your database is being updated in the background. Taking a while? Click here to run it now.

    when click, Click here to run it now. The page reloads and message will not go away, been this was from update of plugin 24 hours ago.

    Hi @byermedia

    We did release Email Subscribers 4.0.1 5 hours ago, would you mind updating the plugin and checking once again if the subscribers are back now?

    Also, if the issue persists, the work around, for now, could be downloading Email Subscribers 3.5.18 from here https://wordpress.org/plugins/email-subscribers/advanced/ as shown in http://prntscr.com/msbwq0 and update the plugin in the next release which will be much more stable.

    Hope this helps you. Please let me know your views.

    Aditya Shah

    seen the new update earlier and made update, no change.

    On the dashboard there is a button to update the database I believe it says, after I clicked that it moved my users.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    You can find your subscribers are under Email Subscribers > Audience section.

    Please check and let us know how it goes.

    Hello Malay,

    On you post ” How to rollback to Email Subscribers 3.5.18? ”

    you state…

    (1) Deactivate Email Subscribers 4.0 from Plugins section
    (2) Delete Email Subscribers from WordPress

    are you saying to “Delete” the Deactivated Email Subscribers pludin and reinstall the email-subscribers.3.5.18 ??

    If so, when i go to delete Deactivated Email Subscribers pludin, Worldpress says “Are you sure you want to delete Email Subscribers & Newsletters and its data?”

    is the “data” contain my subscribers email list on database ???

    just found time to come back to this

    By downloading Email Subscribers 3.5.18. Then Deactivate and Delete Email Subscribers 4.0 from WordPress and then uploading Email Subscribers 3.5.18 and Activating, was able to recover my subscribers list and export.

    Update Email Subscribers to Version 4.0.10 and imported my subscribers list and all seems find ad of now.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    @byermedia Thanks for the update.

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