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  • Hello All,

    I recently bought a news blog site. All got transferred to the new server.
    I was able to run the site well enough but I getting from time to time error related to the previous hosting.
    I guess some of the plugin still have the ‘old’ path.
    How can I update that path to the current one?


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  • What hosting are you trying to run WordPress on? Also, you might have to go through the database to fix the old plugin paths.

    I am running it on Godaddy.
    How can I do that then?

    If you know the url you want to replace, then this should help. But make sure you make a backup of your database before you run the program.

    DB Search & Replace Tool

    Thank Marc for your help…

    I have been trying but I can’t find my true path in order to run the script.

    I’ve googled it all over and nothing…

    When you bought the site, are you using the same domain from the previous owner? If you are receiving error messages, what do they look like? Also, some of these plugins may be of some help 😀


    How to Update URLs When Moving Your WordPress Site

    You will get better help if you copy paste the error removing any sensitive info. Like “Error 404: Cannot access /html/home/ ….folder..does not exist”.

    Thanks guys for your advices as you noticed I am not experienced with kind of things…

    I get a timeout error because the plugins keep pointing to the old path.
    The host is still the same.

    old path /homeOLD/userOLD/public_html/
    new path /homeNEW/userNEW/public_html/

    Until I get this fixed I will keep having the timeout error when updating the plugin data.

    Rename your plugins folder to something else like example “plugins.old” then try to see if you can access your wordpress. If you can access the site reactivate the plugins one by one.
    Better still if they are generic plugins with no effect on the site create a new plugins folder with necessary permissions and delete the delete the old plugins folder. Re-download all plugins a fresh if you didn’t get any errors. Especially if you have have an old site and have powerful plugins like jetpack, yoast seo, total cache, any security or redirection.

    Most of these plugins have or are developing at a very high pace so sometimes even a few months without updating wordpress and you end more than 4 versions behind. I say this because, I have seen some leftover files from an old instal in a newly updated plugin probably caused by permissions problems. They are usually security risks. Be quick before hackers put through enough content about viagra in your sql like they did to me.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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