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    I love this plugin. But today I logged into my site and saw there was an update to this plugin. I updated it and immediately the site returned a 500 error — couldn’t access frontend or admin.

    So, I went into CPanel and renamed the sproutinvoices folder and the site went back up.

    What can be done to fix this? I need to be able to issue new invoices very soon.


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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    What’s likely the cause is the removal of some deprecated functions (that have been marked for removal for over 18 months).

    Do you have any customizations in your functions.php file that use si__ or si_e?

    Do you have any PHP error logs that can help pinpoint the exact issue?

    Kind regards,

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your fast reply. There are no customizations to functions.php that use si__ or si_e.

    Here’s what the error log says:
    [19-Sep-2017 22:03:56 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SI_Paypal_EC::__() in /home/quantaw2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sprout-invoices-addon-paypal-ec/SI_Paypal_EC.php on line 87

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Thank you for providing the error. It looks like you need to update the PayPal payments add-on.

    You can download the latest version from your account at sproutapps.co/account/
    Or get another copy here: https://sproutapps.co/marketplace/paypal-payments-express-checkout/

    Kind regards,

    Thanks. I downloaded and installed the latest version of the add-on and reactivated Sprout Invoices and all is well again.

    Would it be possible to have some sort of indication when that plugin needs to be updated?

    Thanks again

    Okay, I spoke too soon. My website is back up, but the payment option isn’t working. I can create an invoice, but there is no button in the invoice to make a payment.

    The payment settings are correct, I have checked “PayPal payments standard” and entered the required details. Is there something else I need to do?

    I have clients who can’t pay their invoices so hope this is an easy fix.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    It would seem then that you’re either running a really old invoice template (that needs to be updated) or you have an outdated snippet in your functions.php to modify Sprout Invoices.

    I would recommend you check your functions.php file first, maybe you have this popular snippet that would need to be updated:

    If that doesn’t help please provide the php error that is corresponding with this and I’ll help you out.

    I don’t have any Sprout Invoices modifications in functions.php. This is the button that the client clicks to pay the invoice, not to print the invoice.

    How would I update the template? It’s just the template that came with the plugin; all I have changed is the boilerplate message at the bottom.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    We could narrow down the problem if you have php error logs to share, if you’re not sure how to get them you can talk to your host.

    In the meantime, check to see if you have any custom templates in your (child) theme under sa_templates. If so you can simply delete those files and the default templates would be used.

    Hopefully we can get your invoice back up and running soon.

    It is working now. I deleted, downloaded, and installed the PayPal add-on three times and the third time the invoices had the payment button again.

    Hi Dan,

    FYI, I’ve had a very similar issue (fixed, this comment is for reference). The whole site went down with a 500 error on updating the main invoice plugin. I have followed your advice above. I have downloaded and installed the updated paypal add on. I have moved the template file out of my theme folder.

    The site has come back live (after moving the old PP add on out of the plugins folder).

    Some strange things have been happening since I installed the new PayPal plugin.

    I will bill an amount — for example, $30 — and my client will pay via the invoice. But that’s not what they’re billed, or what shows up in my PayPal Account.

    For example: A $95 invoice, marked as paid in full, but only a $2.06 payment came into my PP acct.

    Also: A $30 invoice, marked as paid in full — but both a $30 and weird $.65 payment showed up in my account.

    Also another $30 invoice: all that showed up in my PayPal account was a $.65 payment and second one for $.98.

    This means I’m not getting paid full amounts, not getting paid on time (or at all), and it’s embarrassing to approach my clients about re-paying. I am losing money.

    Hoping you have suggestions as to how this can be rectified? Otherwise I need to look at getting a different plugin but I would love to keep this one.

    best wishes,

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    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Hello Denise,

    Please email me at support@sproutapps.co with the API response found attached to the payment. Here’s an example of how to get that information: http://s-v.me/n5dN

    Also, are you using the free version of Sprout Invoices and the PayPal add-on? Please also confirm that you’re running the latest versions.

    Kind regards,

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, I’m using the updated version of Sprout Invoices. I downloaded the PayPal add-on from your website 3 weeks ago (when this support thread was opened) and once again this morning in case it had been updated.

    I will email you in a few minutes. Thanks.


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