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    Getting Error /wp-content/plugins/events-calendar-pro/src/Tribe/Main.php on line 163 after updating to Version 4.7.0 of the-events-calendar. Any clue as to what is the cause. It tells me that ECP ver. 4.5 is needed but I am using a developers version 4.4.35 from git. I understand the need to update plugins but now I have no way to continue unless I can download version 4.6 or older but the only available way is to svn the version.

    The ‘crash’ is the entire page below the Event table header shows only the first day td (with error in it) is missing.

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    Line 163 of ECP Main.php
    $this->permalink_editor = apply_filters( 'tribe_events_permalink_editor', new Tribe__Events__Pro__Recurrence__Permalinks() );

    I will look to see if the Recurrence__Permalinks has changed.

    – Update: I traced back to Tribe__ Integrations__ Manger__ and commented out line 192 of Main.php (ECP) ver 4.4.35 which fixed the “crash.”

    Not sure how this effected the 4.4.0 updates, as I have no Integrations installed. And yes, I did disable all plugins or theme options to validate source chatter.

    I know I can purchases a version of Pro yet I need to be able to use a developer version which is stable so I do not blow up a client’s site as apposed to my own site getting errors. After all. This is what Open Source is all about: being able to work with each other.

    If you have a resource for any Developer versions please let me know.

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    line 192 of Main.php – ECP

    //Start the integrations manager	
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    Closing just to save time. I checkout the svn for v. 4.6.2 and every thing is peachy. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for documenting your process here.

    This issue was due to the Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro both needing to be updated to the latest versions to work together.

    For anyone else coming across this issue, make sure that both plugins are at the latest versions and enabled. You may need to manually download and install the Events Calendar Pro plugin if updating through the WordPress plugins interface fails.


    I have the most recent version of both the calendar and the calendar pro on my website. I also have everything else up to date. I have cleared all caches and reloaded several times. I have an SSL and use www on my website. They are forced using redirects which work but due to the error being displayed when you enter just it does not redirect. The error is Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Tribe__Events__Pro__Recurrence__Permalinks …. events-calendar-pro/src/Tribe/Main.php on line 163

    so the site loads fine with but not

    Does anyone know how to fix this? we keep getting calls that the site is not working.

    I downloaded and uploaded both plugins manually to update them.

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    @renita01 Sounds like an htaccess config could be causing such an action error. The other suspect I would look at would be to be absolutely sure you have checked all the sister files that you might be sharing in your theme/child-theme which are in the “the-events-calendar” folder.

    It is very common for a plugin to be updated and then we forget that the could be one, maybe two lines of code that are in our templated files which need to match the upgraded version plugin’s original files.

    Line 163 comments: // fetch the real post permalink, recurring event filters down the road will // append the date to it
    Then it rebuilds the link. $permalink_html = $permalink_html . sprintf( ' <a id="sample-permalink" href="%1s">%2s</a>', $url, $url );

    But sometimes errors occur prior to the line number of error report.
    if ( ! empty( $post_id ) && 'private' == get_post_status( $post_id ) && tribe_is_recurring_event( $post_id ) ) { Not sure why it is checking for private post meta but it IS part of the equation and a way to trace back to your theme files, where you need to look. Sorry if I wasn’t much help. But I started the thread so I might as well try and help :-).

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