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  • OK, this plugin has not been updated since 18th April 2012.

    Its now 10 months later ad no update.

    I have taken this plugin and fixed it and will be renaming it ..

    BuddyPress Gifts for Members Lite
    BuddyPress Gifts for Members Pro

    The Lite version will fix what problems it had and get it working with the current version of WP and BP. I have also added a count to it so you can see what gifts are being sent the most. Fixed CSS issues as well.

    The Pro version will have the above but also work with “BuddyPress Achievements Plugin”. As you users build up points, you can give your members something to spend them on. Each gift can be given a cost in points or be free to send, choice is yours. As they send gifts, the cost of the gift sent will be deducted from their Achievements points. Change your gifts all the time, add new ones. Give each gift a cost and watch your users save up to send them to other members.

    More news will com eon the pro version but the LITE version will come out soon. I’ll update you on here so make a comment and click notify me of posts so I can tell you when it is available.

    Ask me a question ans I will answer.

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  • Great work Dude! Can’t wait to go Pro. Any issues with uninstalling the old plugin or will yours overwrite it?

    Great! We need more interacitve user stuff to BP. I read this when we turned the April plugin on for a client who needed a little bit more edge. SO TOTALLY right to int. with Achievements.

    Hopefully “this week” has not more than 7 days… 😉
    Thank you!

    Any updates on this plugin? Thanks

    Update so far ..

    I’ve sent the updated plugin off to WordPress to be confirmed. I am waiting on them to review my plugin. I’m not sure how long that takes. Once its LIVE, I will let you guys know.

    If any of you cant wait, let me know and I can send you a test version to play with.

    The difference between this plugin and my plugin at the moment is that it works on the latest BuddyPress and WordPress and I have sorted the CSS issues and I have added a gift sent count so you can see which gifts are the most popular.

    Great! Can’t wait.

    You need to take over the FollowMe plugin too. It has CSS issues.

    The thing is this cost me money. I paid a developer to fix this for me. Cant afford to fix another plugin at the moment, maybe later if I can make some money of the Pro version I can then invest in another plugin to fix.

    I got yah. Thanks for the work.

    OK, WP gave my plugin the go ahead. It will be going up this week.
    Guys, if your are interested in testing the Pro version, let me know.

    Sounds great. I don’t mind testing the pro version.

    An updated version of the BuddyPress Gifts plugin. Cool! We did try out the older version(s) (original and rebirth) a while back, but it, as you know, has a few problems.

    Any update on this? I searched through the repository, as well as elsewhere, but couldn’t find anything else on it.

    We’d be happy to test out the Pro version for you as well if the offer still stands. It would be perfect too because we are just about to start implementing the ultra cool Achievements plugin.

    A big thanks to the folks for adopting this orphan – yet again!

    OK, will be looking to upload the standard working version on the weekend.

    Scott, inkbot, please email me to test out the Pro version at sim2kuk [at]

    If you need more testers, I am looking to use the updated plugin so would be glad to test the Pro version too.

    May I ask where I can find the update?


    Listen, I really want to use your application in my new website. I’m all game to do some testing for you on the Pro version too. Sign me up as a paying customer in Advance. Let me know when you will be ready. I’ve tag the forum for all notifications.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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