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    Thank you for using WooCommerce Product Table 🙂

    Yes, in fact the cart total automatically updates when you use add to cart via AJAX. This is the normal behaviour for the plugin.

    Just in case this is not happening for you, another element on your site may be interfering with the functionality.

    In that case I need to check the issue on your site directly. Please mail:

    Meanwhile, if you have any other questions please write in again.


    PS – Marking this as resolved here as we need to continue over mail. Please leel free to open the topic again if need to.

    Hey there,

    I have also experienced this problem recently.

    The product has been added to the cart (and returning a 200 success code), however the quantity total in the badge next to the button says ‘0’, and the cart modal doesn’t appear either.

    If you force a hard refresh, the quantity is updated and the cart pop up appears, but the same issue appears if you try adding another product.

    Any ideas as to what could be causing this?



    Plugin Author WC Product Table


    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for using WCPT and writing in with your query.

    Only time this issue comes up is if a 3rd party plugin is interfering with WCPT’s functionality.

    I will suggest disabling all other plugins except WCPT and WooCommerce for a moment to check if the issue goes away. Then enable them one at a time to find out which plugin was conflicting. If it is a popular plugin and finding a replacement is not feasible, please let me know the name of the plugin and I will look into the compatibility at my end.

    However, if the issue occurs even with other 3rd party woocommerce plugins disabled then it could be that some setting on your site is preventing the normal functioning. In that case I am happy to look into it for you, please write in to with your details.

    You probably know this already but the other option is to simply turn off AJAX in the Button element’s settings and have the page refresh upon add to cart. This is not as user friendly but I am adding it here to complete the answer.


    I never got to the bottom of it.

    The cart count indicator on the table’s add to cart button updates correctly, it’s just the standard cart count in the header that doesn’t update until the page refreshes.

    Normal ajax add to cart buttons work fine.
    The admin-ajax.php request comes back fine.

    Disabling ajax isn’t an option because like Kartik said, it’s not good for UX.

    One day I’ll pull everything apart on a local copy of our site and get to the bottom of it.

    Plugin Author WC Product Table


    In that case I am happy to assist further.

    The issue has to do with either a conflict with another plugin / theme / custom code on your site or settings.

    This issue does not occur with WCPT normally – you can try setting up a default wordpress theme like Twenty Sixteen with just WooCommerce and WCPT in order to check.

    However, this issue does get reported at times due to conflicts which are mostly trivial to resolve.

    To assist you I need to duplicate the issue you are facing so I may debug it.

    We can proceed with any of the following:
    1. Create a duplicate of your site sans sensitive data and send me FTP and Admin credentials for the site.
    2. I can setup a server for you and provide access so you may duplicate your site there.
    3. You can send me the database and site files including theme and plugins and I will set it up at my end.

    All three ways stated above allow me to view the issue at my end and work with it directly.

    I am afraid it is not possible to debug the issue without actually having direct access to it.

    If you choose to provide access, please reach me at:

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