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    Hi Thomas,

    Been a while.

    Just updated our WP core to 4.8.1 and the themes across our network. The sites layout has broken after update and all divs are floating left.

    Any ideas

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  • here’s the site…

    site url

    In addition – just did the same to another site not on the network and same problem after updating to 4.8.1

    link here

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    Hey there,

    Yes long time. The reason why this is happening is because foundation uses a new grid system called XY Grid.

    There are no more rows or columns. Now there are grid containers and cells.

    Please refer to the foundation documentation regarding this new grid and update your themes or child themes accordingly.

    Please let me know how it goes. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    So basically just add my custom work to the new php files in the child theme? Will take a look at the docs but assume that’s the best way to proceed.


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    yes pretty much. Like I stated before, it’s basically switching out rows with grid-container and columns with cell.

    Honestly I hope they don’t switch to something else…lol this is getting out of hand 😉

    Would have been nice to warn people that a simple update of the theme might break their site.

    The removal of rows & columns is major for anyone who used those classes.

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    Yes you are correct and I do apologize for any inconvenience, however I didn’t rewrite Foundation, Zurb did. All I did was update the foundation files within the theme.

    It’s also best to always test the update of a theme in a test environment, not on a live site. Even more so if you’re actually using the theme.

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    Found a workaround to the issue and still working on making sure the new child theme works properly.

    I have a multisite setup. The Child CSS is not honouring the changes I make across the other sites. It seems the main theme CSS is being loaded on the other sub sites.

    For example…Jazz In London is loading the child CSS properly, but not for Madrid. I have other cities waiting for the update to roll out but need to be sure that the customisations I make, will be loaded properly across the network. I have content wraps and font cusomtisations that need to work.

    Is there something I have missed?

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    hmmmmm should be working properly. I see you have the new wp-starter theme in place.

    Maybe try changing the priority of the child styles in functions.php. it looks like this:


    maybe remove the 999 and make it look like this:


    or change the value to something else like this:


    Try that and let me know how it goes.

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    Also I have never used Multiste before, so i don’t know if there may be a conflict of some kind.

    Do you develop locally and then upload or do you develop on the live sites?

    the master site i developed locally but once it went live – each new city is launched by cloning a master. allows for me to launch a city within a day.

    the priority fixed it Thomas. you’re a legend.

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    Awesome, glad that got sorted out for you amigo 😉

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