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  • I’m having the same problem, but wasn’t smart enough to make a backup :-/ Any chance you could put up your archived version (or mail to to michael@ my username dot eu) until it’s fixed?

    Ditto! It’s broken.

    confirmed! something is broken indeed!

    We’re screwed! How can I get the old version uploaded? Really, this is serious.

    Can I use your archived version?

    Hi all, for now, you can download the old version from . Replace the file ultimate-category-excluder.php in the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder folder with the one that is in this zip.

    Many people aren’t having problems. I’m sorry it bit you. Please email me the info that is found at the bottom of the UCE settings page. I am not seeing a common denominator yet on what the problem is. Mike

    Thanks for the prompt response. I propose those of us having problems also send a list of installed plug-ins and the theme we use to make it easier to find the thing we have in common that others do not.

    Thanks for the recent help! You and your plugin are great. Sorry for the panicked messages! -Steve

    I had this same issue. So, I got the older version from the above link, uploaded it. The problem was solved—excluded categories no longer appear. But there is a new problem: now some of my category pages have no posts.

    Photocurio, That’s a problem I haven’t heard before! Sorry you’re having a problem Please double-check your settings for the plugin. If possible, try clearing all the checkboxes, saving the options, and then re-choosing the categories you want hidden, and saving again. Let me know if that fixes it. Mike

    I have a new version of the plugin available, but I need testers. Please email me if you’d like to test the new version. mclark -at- planet

    I’ll probably try the old version again in the near future, but the newest update didn’t work and it added five weird “No Post Title” entries at the bottom of the home page.

    Nevermind using the old version as the link is dead now. Lame.

    Hi MaximumTacolord,

    You know, getting some specific details about what isn’t working with your site would be helpful. Please email me the specs that are found at the bottom of the UCE settings page. Your “report” is only the second error report I’ve gotten for version 0.95. So I don’t think it’s fair to gripe at me that I removed the old version. The link is back now. Mike

    The new version caused problems for my Genesis theme’s “Featured Widget Amplified” in 2 different places. In its main use in the sidebar, 7 posts were displayed while the widget specified 3. In another use, a page based on the widget showed no posts.

    Reverting back to an older version resolved everything.

    ConvertJournal, Thanks for the bug report. Mike

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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