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  • Plugin Author wpsolutions


    The changes in latest release were not major and should not have had any impact on existing sites.
    What was the behaviour you saw when you say it broke the site?

    Have you checked your server logs?
    Have you checked the AIOWPS logs?

    Plugin Author mra13


    @solomama, We tested it before release and this upgrade shouldn’t really break your site. Also there has been a few thousand upgrades already and no complaints so I don’t think the upgrade broke your site.

    @mra13 Thanks for the response but your comment seems subjective. When I updated the plug-in the site broke. I then went into the Plesk dashboard to remove the plug-in and the site ran normally. Whether there have been complaints or not, I had an issue with it. This thread is for support correct? I reported an issue and support would be helpful.

    @wpsolutions When the site broke I received an error message and was unable to access the WP Dashboard.

    Plugin Author wpsolutions


    Hi @solomama,
    Can you please tell us exactly what the error message was?

    Also you didn’t answer my previous questions:

    Have you checked your server logs?
    (if you don’t know where these are your host provider should be able to help you)

    Have you checked the AIOWPS logs?
    (look in wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall/logs)

    Please check these and let us know if there were any errors pertaining to the time the issue occurred and what they are.
    (NOTE: You may have to re-activate the AIOWPS plugin to reproduce the problem and hopefully some error logs will be created too)

    Sorry to hear the problems you are having #solomama. Although it doesn’t help when I upgraded to WP 3.9 my login page (although normal) was squished to the left hand side of the screen. The new update to AIOWPS fixed the CSS however the captcha was gone and it would not let me login to the admin/dashboard. This happened a couple of versions ago where I was told the same the same thing (not us must be you). Although I was the first to chime in it didn’t take long for others to join the chorus. Surprisingly a fix was done in the next version. I am chiming in now. Since the latest upgrade I am unable to get into any login. No capatcha is showing. So I had to go to DB and disable AIOWPS. There were no error messages upon upgrade of the plugin and everytime I tried to login I got a 404 page until I disabled AIOWPS.

    Plugin Author wpsolutions


    Hi @bcwlaw,
    Regarding the captcha form not appearing – can you please get in touch with us so we can take a closer look at your site?

    Contact Us

    Like I said I updated AIOWP and went to do something in Dashboard and I got an error message saying “you are not authorized … please log in”. I went to login page and the login was now centred but no captcha. I tried logging in and immediately went to a 404 page. Put in url of login as I had changed the login url in AIOWP got 404. Went to url/wp-login.php went to 404. Went to DB and deactivated AIOWP. Everything worked again. Reloaded Ver 3.71 (hey whatever happened to Ver. 3.72) and fixed css on redirect login page. Everything worked fine. Thought I would do a clean install so uninstalled Ver. 3.71 and did clean install of Ver. 3.73 (yes I went into DB and dropped AIOWP tables). Went to login. Logged in and activated plugin … set it up with url login redirect. Logged out and then tried to login and 404…404…404… I am not even getting to a login page…go in to DB and deactivate and put back on Ver 3.71 which is working wonderfully. I see you made some changes in the code to the redirect login file. Whatever it is it does not work for me.

    And by the way, I want to say you guys do a bang up job. You must understand that this stuff is just as frustrating to us lowly users as our whining is to you. While you are doing fractal math, we are adding apples. I truly respect your skill level but comparably some of us (including myself) are not that bright when it comes to coding. To me the update “broke the site.” Well it is not really broken just does not perform as advertised! I know that doesn’t help you track and fix the problem. Although I have “broken” my fair share of websites sometimes there are problems we did not cause. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance and although it is a “PIA”, if you tell me what you are looking for I could upgrade and pull a log or two.

    Plugin Author wpsolutions


    Ok thanks for the info.
    So it looks like the rename login page feature is not working correctly on your site.

    Have you tried the cookie based feature instead? Does that also not work?

    ps: I hope you can appreciate how difficult it is to solve an issue when we can’t actually see it or reproduce it for ourselves.
    (This is why I offered for us to personally look at your site)

    I looked at the new code and I saw something to do with cookies but you have to understand as soon as you activate the plugin nothing else works so I do not even know what you mean when you say “cookie based feature”. I can’t usually get that far. Here is my email – fire me a returnable address and I will give you url and login information and you can go to town. I will backup site and database before you do though.

    Not necessarily the plugin update is the reason, however; the plugin update might have triggered something that already exist to happen.

    Have you tried to reinstall it again? did it work?

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