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  • This most recent update just plain does not play nice. It does not play with Gravity Forms, Sam Pro, Justified Image Grid, Just to name a few. The huge issue is with Gravity Forms 2.0.7 so I had to disable. Since this project was taken over this plugin has gone downhill fast. It used to be my go to time to look for an alternative.

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  • I have the paid version of this plugin and have been trying to get a support response for a week. I can get no response. If you turn on WP DEBUG (I did on my staging site), you can see it is throwing php errors. These are preventing scripts loaded later on the page from running. Thus, features that rely on those scripts break.

    I did not know the plugin had changed hands. That seems very unfortunate. At this point I am just using the older version. 🙁

    The latest update totally broke my site- couldn’t load any page front end or admin. The error message said there is an unexpected function on line 19 of ssba_styles.php.

    Has anyone heard from the developer? It’s been three weeks since I’ve sent out some emails regarding our paid version and zero response yet.

    I have the same problem. Delete line 17 to 25 from ssba_styles.php temporary resolves the problem but isn’t best answer.

    I had a problem with updating the plugin (posted issue previously). Broke site and got error message of “unexpected function on line 19 of ssba_styles.php”. Developer said it was because I was using an unsupported php version. I updated my php version and it corrected the problem.

    @blkcatgal – good input. The PHP version on the server hosting my site is 5.6.25 though, which I believe is current and supported.

    @cgamron – yes, you would think that php version would be supported. I hope you can get some resolution soon.

    Sorry to be a bother, but the website I help manage as a member of a teacher’s organization is having this same problem. I am not particularly skilled in much of the back-end management of the website, so I am having trouble accessing the code to delete the troublesome lines of code, or with trying to find out if our php is up to date. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or resource that will help me figure this out? The previous person in charge of the website has us hosted through GoDaddy, and I haven’t been able to get much help from them to this point either.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    @drewising – I feel your pain! IMO, the simplest solution for you is to roll back to the prior version that did not have these problems. This is typically accessed from the Developers tab of the plugin’s page in the repository. Strangely (or sadly…or frustratingly), though, for some reason only the latest (problematic) version of this plugin is listed – no older versions are available where they should be. Perhaps you can find someone who saved the older version (or access it from a backup)…?

    To more directly answer one of your questions – there is a plugin called My WordPress Health Check you can use to determine the PHP version. You can then uninstall this plugin, once you know.

    It’s really unfortunate we cannot get support for this popular plugin. It used to be well supported in the past. 🙁

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    Hi all,

    Apologies for the delay in support on our end, a lot of fixes are being made.
    However we come baring great news, we recently deployed a fix that fixes the T_FUNCTION error.

    The error you’re seeing in regards to T_FUNCTION is related to an old version of PHP within your server. Our engineering team has since made a modification for those who are not able to upgrade their PHP to the latest version.

    To receive this update, please update the plugin to the most latest version, 6.3.3.

    If you have any other issues please feel free to contact us directly at

    Simple Share Buttons Support

    It’s nice you’re making progress, but what about updates for those of us using the paid version? I have sent support requests for it, but no response and no fixes. (And my PHP version is *not* out of date.)

    Thanks- the latest update fixed the issue for the 2 sites where I cannot update the php version. Appreciate the work on this.

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    Hi tmgdesigns,

    Thanks for reporting back, we’re glad to hear the fix worked!

    Hi Christee,

    We have updated Simple Share Plus with the same update and you should no longer see this issue occur as well. Please let us know if you’re still having troubles.

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