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  • Hi,
    So I have a very strange problem. In WP 3.2 something happened with TinyMCE where a fatal error came up that said the editor function was not defined and wouldn’t show the post content block. Nothing had been touched and I couldn’t find anything different than a backup that I had that was working. So, I upgraded to WP 3.5. That seemed to fix the editor issue and the post content block shows up now. However, it has killed some of the auto line breaks that we had in the posts (We are using the “HTML”-now-“Text” block for editing). We were using the wpautop plug-in so I disabled that and installed the TinyMCE Advanced. It works fine for new posts (puts the breaks in automatically), but for all the old posts, the problem remains where it doesn’t “see” the natural line break. HOWEVER, if you go into a post where this is occuring, the <p>/<break> tags are there in the “Text” view, so if you manually click “Update” it fixes the post.

    The issue is that I have like 300+ entries. Is there a way to do this in the db using phpmyadmin or a wp_update function? It’s an annoying issue that should be solvable, but I haven’t found any clear direction as to how to (virtually) open every post individually and click “Update” so we get our line breaks back. None of the content needs to be changed.


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  • I have not tested this, but you might be able to use ‘Bulk Actions’ to change many posts at a time.

    • Go to Admin->Posts->All Posts
    • Click on ‘Screen Options’ at top right.
    • Enter 100 in the ‘Posts’ box.
    • Click ‘Apply’.
    • Click the box next to ‘Title’ to select all Posts on the page.
    • Select ‘Edit’ in the ‘Bulk Actions’ box.
    • Click ‘Apply’.
    • Click ‘Update’.
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