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  • I recently created a new site using wordpress but I’m a rookie – everything I know is trial and error with no formal training. So please, please, please keep your answers as simple as possible. Thanks in advance.

    I created custom fields and then uploaded a .csv file to create roughly 3,300 posts. I left the post_content field blank. I then developed the desired post content through the front-end using shortcodes that referenced the custom fields. Once I had what I wanted I UPDATED the poct_content field using MySQL. Every post_content for all posts is the same with the data from the custom fields being the variables. All was well to this point.

    When I attempted to preview in a browser I realized the custom field data is not displaying. I found that if I open a post through WordPress front-end and then click “update” the custom field data and the post content “sync” and then it will display properly through a browser.

    My concern is that I have nearly 3,300 posts and I really don;t want to “update” them all manually.

    Is there a way to write a php module to do this automatically? Is there a plugin that will do this? Is there some code that can be placed in the theme to update it when a post is opened?

    I am currently using the iFeature theme from cyberchimps but I’m not married to it. I’ll change immediately if there as different theme that will make this work. The reason i mention the theme is this – there is no single.php file visible through wordpress but i can see it if I go to the server where the theme is saved.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Dennis – the wordpress rookie

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