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  • Current version 1.0.2

    Project Page:

    This version fixes a missing quote in the IMG tag.

    As always, questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.


    Cal Evans

    great plugin

    can this be easily styled with css?

    Nice little plugin.
    Only thing that I would add, and its more of a personal thing. Is when you change an option and press Update, there is no indication the changes saved. They do save, if you reload the page, but a little inidication makes it reassuring.

    Thanks again for the great plugin.


    This is an issue I have with all my plugins. In WP2.0 they’ve got the little fade box happening at the top. I’m going to figure that out and update them all to use that.

    Cal Evans

    I look forward to the update. It is a really nice plugin.

    Thanks again.

    Bit of info for CalEvans, use divs with the CSS classes “updated fade” and “error fade” to get the tastey fading boxes…


    Yep, someone emailed me that this morning. Thanks. I’m updating all of my BlogBling plugins with that but don’t want to bump version numbers for such a minor change. In the case of online-status, I’ve got a couple of other minor fixes to publish. I’ll probably update this weekend.


    Yeah, that was me from work (gotta love being in work at 4am!! – hence, brain was switched off)… Glad it helped 😉


    I never did say thank you. This made it into the latest release of all my plugins.

    Thank you.



    If you are running 1.1, please go grab the 1.2 version. 1.1 had a major bug in it that may have caused it not to work but to throw errors in certain situations.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Project Page:


    p.s. props to Brian Gurtler for finding it.


    Thanks for developing this useful plugin, but I use Gaim to connect to the AIM network and have not been able to get the AIM Presence status to display when I am online since they stopped using the beta key. Do I need to use the official AIM program for this to work or have I got something set up wrong? Thanks.



    I use Trillian so no, you do not have to use AIM, you just have to connect to the AIM network.


    You know what would be great– a plugin that worked with all (or most major) IMs, like Trillian. I use Trillian too, but not AIM, only Yahoo and MSN.

    In regards to my previous post, the issue has been resolved. It seems I was just a bit hasty in getting AIM Presence to work. After it is activated, it took a few days before the service began detecting my online status. Just FYI for those who may come across the same experience. Thanks for the plugin, CalEvans!

    I would love to know how to customize the images to be used for this plugin 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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