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    Hi. I just updated to the latest version of your plugin. As soon as I did the Settings tab of my user profile pages disappeared. Also, the Groups tab now shows nothing on user profile pages. When I go to the “Profile Tabs” section of the Global Settings page, nothing works or moves. I can’t re-position any of the tabs, expand any menus to edit them, or anything.

    I have this option on as it’s been since I installed the plugin yet my settings tab in user profiles has disappeared:

    Display a tab for modifying privacy settings in user account section of user profiles.

    Some more info: I’m using the free version of your plugin. I tried disabling all other plugins, this did not resolve any of the current issues. Also no error messages have been generated in my site’s log. Thanks for your help.

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  • Try using a casche plugin like> wp-super-cache update and delete the site casche then retest all.
    in addition to clearing the history in the various browsers on which you have performed your tests

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    Hi @alexbyby thanks for your suggestion. WP doesn’t store cache on your server by default. It’s dynamic. So I don’t think installing a cache plugin to get rid of cache that doesn’t exist will help much. I think that would only help if I was using a caching plugin to begin with, which I am not. If it were a caching issue with my browser then the changes made by the update would not appear at all. In any case, it would be strange if server side or browser cache was effecting WP’s back-end as is the case here with the Profile Tabs section of ProfileGrid’s Global Settings.

    I’m pretty sure this is an issue with the plugin. Is your install of ProfileGrid working correctly with the latest version update? Are you able to use the Profile Tabs Settings feature in the Global Settings? Able to move them around and adjust settings? Is the “settings” menu still visible on your user’s profiles after updating to this latest version? Please let me know. Trying to figure out if this is affecting just my site. Thanks.

    Thanks for updating your plugin however, only some of the problems have been fixed. There still seems to be issues with the new version 3.9.5.

    The Profile Tabs Settings menu can now be edited and the changes are saved (but only in the back-end). The changes you make in the back-end do not show up at all on user’s profile. Also the original issues I mentioned in the first post:

    1. Nothing showing up under user’s profile Groups tab.
    2. Settings tab not showing up at all on user’s profile page

    are still problems. Additionally, the Friends tab is also missing from the user’s profile since this update.

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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 1 week ago by sicutunum.

    Ok. I figured it out. I forgot I was using a custom profile which was created from the default profile code before this new update with “Profile Tab Settings”. For anyone else using custom profiles having the same issue, you’ll need to update your custom profile code so that it incorporates the changes regarding the new profile tabs updates (which are great).

    Also @alexbyby sorry, looks like I was wrong about WP not caching things even without using a caching plugin. Never noticed the cache folder within my WP content folder (not sure if its just WP stuff or if other plugins also use this directory). It didn’t turn out to be the solution to my problem, but never the less I was wrong. Thanks for your help!

    I’m glad you solved your problem, but I assure you that emptying the casche occasionally helps.
    I’ll give you an example;
    I made changes to the CSS of the theme and the plugin especially for the colors if you want to peek>
    well, every time i made the color change and updated the css file via FTP i never managed to see the changes without emptying the casche in WP and in the broswer.
    Imagine if I update an entire plugin is the first thing I do.
    I’ll give you an example;
    Windows 10 is able to recover our session within our reserved area ‘ADMIN’ in WP
    try with the Chrome browser to leave your ‘SESSION’ open in the reserved area of ​​the ‘ADMIN’ area of ​​your website and turn off the computer.
    You will notice that the next day, when you turn it back on, and go to reopen Chrome it will not be necessary to log in again, here, all this to tell you that our Computer or Server always uses TEMP files for any operation you do before fixing the changes, so if keep session, keep settings too.
    From here, the board empties from time to time, especially during the modification and design phase.
    As far as you asked me, I still haven’t arrived at the ‘tabs’ settings but I will let you know for sure, I was pleased to meet you, bye.

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