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  • Hi

    I have a big problem. I made the update for my woocommerce shop. And when it has finished the update, everything was gone. No shop left, no plugin left. There was just a error-message.
    OMG, what can I do?
    Do you have a idea?

    Thank you for helping me

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  • Hi Inbi

    I believe I may have encountered a similar problem when updating to Woocommerce 2.0.20.

    What happened: While updating woocommerce I received a message saying that the update had failed to install. When I went to view the public side of the site I had a white screen with warnings about php errors in black.

    How I resolved it: Looking at the error messages and the files on our server there seemed to be a number of php files missing. I have replaced all of the woocommerce files from a backup taken prior to the update. Perhaps this would work for your site?



    @inbi, what is the error message? Perhaps you can tell us here, then maybe we can help…

    oh I’m glad, someone is answering…

    So, I don’t have the message anymore. Because I thought maybe when I log out, the plug in will come back.
    But it was not the case.

    But as far as I can remember, it was something like I.G.S. wrote. “…. the update had failed to install.” It was a red font and shaded in a light red.

    @ Ian: My site is still working. But instead the shop, is there the Home-page

    But I will try to take up the idea with the backup plug in. May be it will work. I’ll let you know…

    Thank you both so much for helping me…


    2.0.20 broke one of my sites too…
    If you need to rollback, older versions can be found here

    rmwb, thank you very much. I installed 20.0.19 again and everything was coming back.
    A stone has fallen from my heart…

    Thank you to everyone who helped me

    Have a nice weekend.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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