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    Upon updating to 2.0 just now, the Simple Social icons in the footer of my site turned into tall vertical gray bars with large black letters jumbled in the background, behind the bars. They were previously working fine. Please can you let me know how to fix this?

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    I cleared my cache and it works! Thanks guys!

    Plugin Contributor Brian Gardner


    For anyone experiencing issues on this thread, they are all similar and cache-related. Sometimes if you are using a resource like Cloudflare, you need to have the front-side cache served up by them cleared as well.

    Please also include links to your sites as well, as it is really difficult to help diagnose issues without seeing them live.

    Glad you’re all over the issue, Brian. Any idea when the “fix” will roll out?

    Plugin Contributor Brian Gardner


    We’ll be pushing out the update to fix Snapchat icon missing, among a few other little things brought up in the GitHub repo hopefully today.

    Super Awesome, Brian! Thank you! 🙂

    Clearing the cache didn’t help me. Here’s a link to my site: Icons are stretched with black squiggly text behind them.



    It doesn’t work for me either.

    Please, reopen the issue.

    I am having the same problem. Mine used to be stretched but cleared the cache and tried to reinstall and now they are different again. Please help, I’ve been working for 2 hours to fix this and feel like I’m going crazy.

    Also as much as I’d love to leave it up on my site, it looks like crap so I need to take it down until the issue is resolved 🙁

    This issue is not “resolved”. Everyone is having this issue with the icons being stretched out and completely broken after updating. Clearing cache has not worked at all for me. I’ve cleared my browser cache repeatedly and have tried on other browsers as well. I’m going to ask all my clients to not update to this version until its been confirmed that it will work without any cache clearing or other means needing to be taken. I don’t understand the need to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with (because now it IS broken).

    @marshmelly411 in case you missed msg. earlier in the thread I installed and that got icons working on my sites. Might be worth trying until StudioPress resolves things.

    @amazemedia Thank you, I actually did try that but it didn’t work for me 🙁

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    I’m having the same issues. Some thoughts and things I’ve tried:

    — It doesn’t appear to be stretching the icons, per se. The icons are showing up huge behind the bubbles, which then stretch to fit the height of those big icons.
    — I have virtually no WP Rocket settings enabled.
    — I cleared the WP Rocket cache repeatedly.
    — There are no server-level or other caches.
    — I disabled Photon, as sometimes that can mess with it.
    — I resaved the widget settings, in case that would force something good.
    — I installed the SVG Support plugin.
    — It’s a clean theme (Genesis) with only a dozen plugins; all are well-known, solid, seemingly unrelated plugins.

    After all of that, it’s still not working right. I’m out of ideas. We have this on ~20 sites; half work great, and the other half are having this trouble.

    Same issue on my site. (scroll to bottom)

    I don’t have any caching plugins. It looks terrible on Chrome, but fine on Firefox.

    I always create a backup before updating plugins, but didn’t this time and am regretting it. I hope this can be resolved because I liked the simplicity/appearance of the plugin before this update.

    That didn’t work for me either.

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