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    have updates to version 1.5.1 and get a few annoying problems
    1 had to redo all appointments over 40 (they disapeared )
    2 `div .fc-event.category-11,
    div .fc-event.category-11 a {
    background-color: white !important;
    border: 2px solid blue !important;
    color: black ;
    ` does not give desired output on calendar
    3 the top of the calendar navigation is hidden untill you click in the area
    check it out if it helps

    thanks for the other additions you have done to the update
    Makes life easier

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  • Plugin Author faebu


    I could no yet release 1.5.1 officially, because I got problems commiting it to the svn.

    the reason why wp calendar is broken with v3.5 seems to be an update on the jquery libraries, which are no more compatible with the FullCalendar library I am using. I had to update the FullCalendar as well and the FullCalendar forces an update of all the css stuff. There is nothing I can do about it…

    Which appointments do you mean, when you talk about appointments over 40?

    I’ll have a look a the navigation bar problem tomorrow, but it seems to be a css problem as well.

    sorry should have said events
    the update some how deleted all events but i re-input them
    is there any way the css can be adapted to do the categories or is it totally a fullcalendar problem if so can it be done using fullcalendar user manual as help
    the main site i have uses a lot of css for the categories and unless i can fix it i cannot upgrade
    i apreciate you are a busy man and thank you for the updates you have done so far

    Any suggestions would be great

    Plugin Author faebu


    due to an update of the dom structure of displayed events, the way how a category-styling can be achieved has changed slightly.

    instead of using

    div .fc-event.category-3,
    div .fc-event.category-3 a {
      background-color: red;
      border-color: red;

    you should now apply the style for any child elements. just replace the a by an asterisks:

    .fc-event.category-3 * {
      background-color: red;
      border-color: red;

    BUT, you cannot use your old (theme-specific) fullcalendar.css anymore. You have to upgrade the fullcalendar.css, copy the plug-ins fullcalendar.css again to you theme root folder and then apply your styles again. I think this should fix your header problem.

    One Note about your lost events. The update does not delete any events. But the database fields from and to are deleted and added again with different names, because of keyword-conflicts. In your case, deactivating and activating the plug-in again should have done it, because a migration is triggered when activating the plugin.

    The ‘final’ V1.5.1 will just rename this 2 colums, which should not cause any errors.

    Good night

    Thanks a lot that really helped
    You Rock

    using the following code

    .fc-event.category-5 * {
             background-color: white !important;
             border:1px solid red; !important;
             color: black ;

    give me the border but also borders around the inside of the box
    i attached a pic of what it looks like on the site

    Not got a clue tryed everything cant find where the settings are for this
    i know i can overide them by adding them to my css using !important

    Plugin Author faebu


    See my reply on your other post.

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