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  • Hi,

    this morning I loaded the last update, and since that the latest version doesnt count anymore visitors, its stuck. Thats not the first time updates dont work.

    Please developers, do something about this.

    Kind regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Bliss7: People that creates and developes stuff sometimes make mistakes. The only ones making no mistakes or the ones doing nothing. Bugs are a annoying but they are also something we have to live with. In this case we have gotten a fast response. You can not demand much more than that.


    You must be joking. Send you email?

    Let me tell you, EVERY site that uses cache plugin, this WP Statistics is not working properly any more….

    It is recording nearly zero visitors.

    How many emails do you expect when it is very clear this plugin has dropped support for all caching!

    I refrain from calling this your plugin, as it seems there is more than one person who developed this (but you are the only one talking here).

    Mostafa Soufi: Does this medan that WP Statistics does not support cache plugins any longer or just some cache plugins?

    I am just not sure how to interpret your reply so that is why I am asking?

    Here’s a problem I’m having when I first updated your plugin yesterday.

    This appears in the settings area.

    “Please Activate WordPress Rest Api for performancing WP-Statistics Plugin Cache.”

    How will I do that?

    From the FAQ section:

    Does WP Statistics work with caching plugins?
    Probably not. Most caching plugins don’t execute the standard WordPress loop for a page it has already cached (by design of course) which means the WP Statistics code never runs for that page.
    This means WP Statistics can’t record the page hit or visitor’s information, which is against the purpose of WP Statistics.
    We don’t recommend using a caching plugin with WP Statistics.

    Seeing as the vast majority of websites will already be using cache plugins, personally I’d be thinking of removing this FAQ, reverting back to version 12.5. and removing all ‘enable cache’ instructions.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Hi guys,

    It seems the WP-Statistics Endpoint doesn’t register in your WordPress.

    The plugin endpoint for cache request is:

    Please go to the Permalink page and update the permalink with press Save Changes.

    Just to confirm – I’ve now encountered the Visual Composer bug.

    The bug makes it impossible to save any image module (and probably the rest too) into your page.

    I’ll try rolling back to a previous version, but so far the last rollback also has the same bug.

    Only solution I’ve found so far is to deactivate the WPStatistics plugin.

    Confirming that the last version of WPStatistics with no bugs is version 12.4.3

    Oh and just in case – that’s with permalinks refreshed on both of the two later versions.

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Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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