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  • Hi,

    this morning I loaded the last update, and since that the latest version doesnt count anymore visitors, its stuck. Thats not the first time updates dont work.

    Please developers, do something about this.

    Kind regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi



    What is the name of the installed plugins in your WordPress?

    Same here as well.

    I got less than a tenth of hits registered as compared to normal, and if it wasn’t for Google Analytics performing as it usually does, I’d have thought the website had crashed.

    Not checked the Visual Composer bug yet, as the whole shebang has been rolled back to the previous version.

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    Right, I think I cracked it.

    The Two ‘new’ options need to be disabled – It’s probably only the one that’s not working properly, but I disabled them both.

    WPBackend>> Statistics>> Settings>> General>> Cache Plugin should be UNchecked.

    WPBackend>> Statistics>> Settings>> Externals>> GEO ip City should be unchecked.

    Settings went straight back to normal after unchecking those two, but the probability is that only one needs to be unchecked – I’d put money on it being the ‘Cache Plugin’ setting.

    Haven’t managed to find the Visual Composer bug yet though.

    Second that, there is absolutely something wrong with the latest update. I lost visitors, page views – everything and hits did not even count at all. And yes this has to do with the settings for any cache plugin. I deactived the cache plugin and deactivted the settings in WP Statistics and suddently things started working again.

    I don’t reckon you’ll have lost real visitors, or real page views, just the ones in WPStatistics – as Google analytics has been working fine all day.

    Also, I’ve ALWAYS had a caching system – WP Rocket – that I’m not disabling for anyone or anything.

    Well of course this has to do with the statistics, not real users. Kind of thought that was obvious.

    Sorry, I thought you said that you’d lost page views and visits?

    I know that the views and visits on WPS have been a bit twitchy just lately, but I’d rather the plugin have a few faults that can be repaired than lose real traffic.

    Just noticed that the post and page stats inside the post/page editor is now working, so it’s not all bad news!

    Doesn’t work for me. Both new function were disabled.

    It has to do with the Statistics plugin. I did check it with no plugins installed and it doesn’t count visitors – usually shown at the end of each line at edit.php after a single post.

    My site’s working fine and counting visitors, but not shown at least on edit.php. New articles doesn’t count at all. Older ones don’t go up, too.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Thanks for all the feedback, we will fix this problem soon and send it the in the forum for the test.

    If you have a screenshot of your problem, it will help us to fix the problem faster.

    Steveraven: Only if you deliberately try to misunderstand …

    Moustafa Soufi: Awesome, what would you like to have a screenshot of? Settings, statistics or?

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi



    Just screenshots of your problem + a bit information of your server and cache plugin name (If is enable).

    ALL this while, I have used a caching plugin (Litespeed Cache) and my webhost was the one that installed it for me and mandated I use it.

    There was NO ISSUES at all. Except slow, if the site has many visitors all the time….

    The stats even were quite accurate with GA and AWstats. So far so good. For many months.

    NOW…..with this latest update, it suddenly has a problem with cache plugins.

    And asks me to check the Cache setting.

    And then, the stats are now ALL WRONG.

    VERY low visitors “counted”………just crazy.

    As usual, updates make things worse (sometimes a lot worse), and all developers never understand this concept at all.

    Mostafa Soufi: Just emailed a bunch to you with settings and configuration. If you need anything else please let me know and I will try to help out.

    Bliss7: Yes, we do but bugs are a problem you either learn to live with and accept or you do not try to develop anything at all. It’s not like they are created deliberately. Things do get tested (usually) and you do try to solve all and everything before the release but occasionally you make mistakes – as all people that do things does. I do get that you get frustrated as a user, specially if the thing is important as this great plugin.


    I have many sites and all of them I have installed WP Statistics, and those sites that don’t get many visitors, it is running FINE.

    I would give this plugin 5 stars if only it wasn’t so slow with those sites that have many visitors.

    Overall I agree, it is a good plugin, but now I certainly don’t understand this update 12.5.2 which seems to me to be going backwards (when everything was more or less OK).

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