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    I am having issues on many pages and WordPress reports a critical error in your latest update. I cannot give you a URL to test because I had to deactivate your plugin to reactivate the dozen page that have been knocked out.

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  • Hi

    Have you also update the Elementor plugin to its latest version 3.0.4?

    Please enable WordPress debug log and provide the log info so that we can get some more info about the issue.

    Check WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG log section to know about enable debugging in WordPress

    Debugging in WordPress

    You can also send us the error log here



    Elementor 3.0.4 is full of bugs. I don’t want to update elementor at the moment.
    But I updated Elementor Addon Elements and now my site is broken also. If I deactivate it, it works.

    Would be great if you could make a rollback possible.

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    Unfortunately, I responded to Anand late last night, explained the difficult situation I was in due to the critical errors in the Elementor Addon Elements update and received not response. It seems to me that providing access to version 1.6.1 should not be too much to ask given the problems caused by 1.7. Therefore, I have solved my issues another way. I simple switched to another Addons plugin that includes a Modal widget.

    Hi @aakrealtor

    I am sorry that you have to face this issue.

    You can download any previous version of our plugin here
    At the bottom of the page you will get option to download previous version.

    Elementor 3.0 is an major update and required major code restructuring in all third party addons. That’s why previous version of our plugin will not be compatible with latest Elementor release. And also 1.7 will not work with Elementor version less than 3.0

    There were some issue with 1.7 of our plugin but that has been resolved after Elementor release its version 3.0.5 last night.

    If you still face any issue, then you can contact us with more info about the issue like where it is breaking or any error message that you are getting.
    Our team will surely look into it.

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    Thank you, Adnand. However, I am operating a local business and in eight months I have built up the number of unique local monthly visitors who come to my website generically to approximately 1000. I could not afford to have any of them exposed to several dead ends created because a modal box was not working. Since you did not respond earlier, I moved on to another plugin that provided a modal box completely compatible with Elementor 3.0.4.



    Hello anand
    I am also having the same problems as @aakrealtor.
    The site was broken when updating its version to 1.7 and coinciding with the update of Elementor to 3.0.4.

    I was with Elementor version 2.9.9 and your plugin works fine, but when updating your plugin and Elementor, everything broke.

    My Elementor is Pro, and they are working to solve the problem, as their 1.7 plugin does not work in Elementor versions lower than 3.0.0, I will try to reinstall their plugin to version 1.6.4

    Hope everything works with this reinstall

    What else can I do for this problem?

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