• ***Update, happy to continue to use an old version of the plugin as it works just fine for my application. Not a horrible plugin by any means, the devs got back and offered suggestions. Probably will work fine for you.


    I have been using this plugin for years without issue, but the last updates have rendered it useless. I have reached out to support but am yet to hear anything back via email a few weeks ago now. I used the plugin for a simple featured product slider on my homepage, but it is completely broken now, and I can’t fix it with any settings. I have to revert to version 1.13.25 to keep the original seamless operation.

    The issue is as follows:

    Before, the slider had perfect touch/click&drag functionality for interactive use, but it no longer slides at all with any interaction. The slider also used to loop indefinitely with the 10 products I have displayed, but the loop is broken and no longer can you swipe constantly around. The autoplay functions all seem to be broken as well (timed rotation, auto-stop on hover, etc). And the navigation buttons do nothing at all and barely display. I have created new sliders with all the proper settings selected and nothing works as it says.

    Please fix this or revert to a functioning version. I will happily correct my review if the updates fix the plugin again. I have been using for ages with no complaints and am disappointed to see these releases.

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  • Thanks for your feedback.
    Could you please send me your slider page URL here or via mail, install the latest version and let me know, I will investigate the issue.

    I was having the exact same problem.

    Took me some time to find out. What helped for me was:
    1. Navigating to the slider –> Slider options.
    2. Scroll down until you see ‘Slider center’
    3. Checking that to ‘false’
    4. Save/update slider

    Hope it will help you too!

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    @snoepveter Thank you very much for the suggestion! However it did not help on our site. And our apologies @hasanrang05, we did not have notifications on to see your reply.

    We have just tried updating again with no luck. The click/touch to drag features work a little better on google chrome, but not at all on safari. We have tried adjusting all settings and nothing has changed. The autoplay function now runs all the time even when we have it off, and the loop setting still does not function at all. Had to revert again

    HI, I have figured out some bugs on the current tiny-slider.js we may replace by slick.js, please patient, I will update the plugin soon, I really appreciate your feedback and support.


    Hi @donaldglover
    Could you please check the latest version and let me know your feedback.


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