• I’m going to start by saying that this plugin has the potential of becoming one of the best WP LMS systems, if the dev team continues to listen to user feedback and continues to invest time in this project.
    Currently, they are on the right path as they are offering great support and nice features with only some minor annoyances that I’ll describe below.

    First of all, most of the issues you’ll encounter using this plugin are typical to any piece of software that’s new on the market, meaning that it lacks maturity.
    Sometimes you’ll want to do a certain basic thing, and you’ll notice that the feature isn’t there, or it’s only half-baked.
    Fore example, here are some of the top missing features in my opinion:

    1. Ability to sort courses sitewide. They are currently offering only some very limited code snippets.
    2. Simple Course Stats in the admin area. Teachers need to know how their courses are doing (how many students have enrolled and how many have completed the course).
    3. Option in the plugin settings to limit Reviews only to students that have completed the respective course. Right now, everyone can post reviews everywhere.
    4. Option to disable right click and content copy on the course page.

    If they add these, we’ll all going to have a winner LMS.
    Best of luck!

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