• GameYob


    I have tried so many youtube embed plugins its ridiculous. Out of all of them this is genuinely the easiest to use, and almost, very almost, the best. Simply click on the add youtube video button when within then page/post editor, add the youtube url and (if you want to deviate from the default) tweak a few custom options below, and press add. The youtube video featured image is automatically selected as the image for the video. And (if selected) the video will also open up as a popup lightbox. When i first used this plugin i found that the lightbox wasnt mobile responsive, i contacted the author and he kindly logged into my wordpress, found and fixed the problem, and also updated the plugin. My only negatives are that there are not many visual customising options (lightbox background colours, border colours etc). And one major problem possibly is the fact you cannot use your own featured image for the embedded video. If these 2 factors dont affect your needs then seriously, save yourself some time and get this now.

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