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  • I am currently using /index.php/archives/%… for my permalinks, are there any cons to using index.php instead of getting .htaccess and mod_rewrite working together (I have mod_rewrite on my virtual server, I just did not want to bother with .htaccess)?
    I am very impressed with WP! I have no experience with this kind of stuff but thanks to a great hosting company ( -unix/Solo XR plan) and WP it was extremely easy to setup.
    These forums are great! I have found tons of info on almost everything I have searched for (lots of stuff since I am so new).
    (oooh, they just sent back my hosting server ID, time to setup SSL…)

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  • Moderator Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    AFAIK, the only downside to the /index.php/ method is the “cruft” of “/index.php/” (meaning that it’ll always be there, and it isn’t relevent to the post).
    If you do not mind it, then don’t worry about it!

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