• Setting up a custom table is quite unwieldy in this plugin. (Though Gutenberg is partly to blame, as it constricts all options into the sidebar.) I’ll just do it in HTML instead.

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  • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. The Adv. Table block is based on the Gutenberg one, and adding options such as cell styling, table head and footer.

    The sidebar edition is here for all blocks in Gutenberg since the beginning as you know 🙂 Do you mean we deserve a bad review for a better table block that uses Gutenberg feature?

    Maybe you can drop a support request (here on the support forum) to tells you what we can improve? For a full experience of table edition I recommend dedicated table plugin such as WP Table Manager.


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    Sorry, my review score meant that I tried to achieve a certain table formatting with the plugin, and it was too cumbesome to use. (eg. I’m not even sure it has a colspan function.)

    Also I found the plugin’s options a bit “too much”, as it automatically enabled some options that I didn’t really want. (Such as lightbox, which I already enabled via Jetpack, so I wasn’t sure if this would clash with it, or it was the same option, so if I disabled it here it would disable the Jetpack one as well?) There were also all those automatically created blocks that I never asked for, and I kept getting various error popups when I was deleting them. Anyway, overall it wasn’t a good experience, but thanks for your work on the plugin.


    About the table block there’s a cell merge feature, and you can then split them back, see on this screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12DW0LdtK2PSczfaioY0mO5Jt2jhaJD46/view?usp=drivesdk
    That’s all we got regarding cell modification and colspan.

    About the rest, indeed we’ve made some choice about the things to activate by default as most of our users have only one or 2 Gutenberg plugin installed. The lightbox won’t cause any trouble as WordPress will use our feature or the Jetpack one depending of what is loaded first. And you can disable it anyway.

    If you want to customize the blocks available you can control that using editor profiles and just uncheck some blocks (our plugin blocks or Gutenberg 3rd party blocks). See:

    Hope it helps!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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