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  • I dont know if this natural. I have unwanted ads that pop up on my right sidebar..

    I tried to check my theme but i cant find anything.. I downloaded my theme on templatic and the name of the theme is wp-premium which is free..

    How to check if my theme got hacked? Btw, the ads that popups on my website is admaxnetwork..

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  • if u have FREE HOsting so ads are intergrated at your host !

    I have paid hosting.. but i dont know where it comes..

    maybe your template has intergrated ads
    and what a kind of ads
    Text ads
    google ads or what ?

    Image ads i think.. It is floating one.. and the network is admaxnetwork.

    I scan my theme but i cant find anything.

    You can check my website here..

    THe ads occasionally popup.. i dont know where it came from..

    Free templates often have crap in them, potentially harmful, like ads and hidden links and what not.

    You manually edit the php pages it has and search for the code, links, text, … and edit them out, replace or remove it.

    Some encrypt their crap, others has dodgy code in it breaking your template if you change it.

    My advise would be to delete the theme and download it from the creators website or from

    Perhaps ‘free’ really means ‘ads over which you have no control”. The ads probably make money for the theme maker. In other words, you’re not paying for the theme, but probably is every time your web page displays the ads from their template.

    I just downloaded a new theme on wordpress.. but the ads keep on showing.. but the ads is only occasionally.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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