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  • Whenever I go to publish my post, a thumbnail image of the larger image I have in my post shows up right next to it. When I am composing my post and go to “preview” it does not appear there, but only when I publish it does it show up. So you see a thumbnail to the left of the picture. Does anyone know how to remove it?

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  • Unset the featured image/post thumbnail?

    Under media, when i go to upload a photo, I always use the large size so the thumbnail isn’t clicked. Then I insert into the post. All looks well in the preview and then as soon as I publish it’s different. I don’t see anywhere else where I might have set the thumbnail except for in the media section. Thanks for your response though!

    Does the index.php have the function

    the_post_thumbnail(); – this will show the thumbnail. If you don’t want thumbnail you can remove it.

    The featured image is usually within the right hand column on the edit page. Is an image showing up there?

    Gisha- I am brand new to wordpress so I don’t even know what the index.php is! I researched and finally got to the editor page and saw the functions.php? Is that the same thing? I didn’t see anything about thumbnails anywhere on the editor page.

    Rich, I don’t usually use the featured image and the thumbnail still shows up. There is no picture on the right hand side. I think I tried to use featured image once to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t.

    I really appreciate you trying to help.

    then it could be something within the theme you are using. Can we have a link to your site? seeing it might help.

    I didn’t mention this weird part. The only way I can fix the problem is to cut and paste the entire written post into a “new post” then I insert the image again and it works. So my blog actually looks correct but it’s a major pain and time waster to do it that way. Plus, it doesn’t make any sense! The first time I write the post it’s always a thumbnail and then a larger image. Strange. I emailed the woman who designed my header so maybe she has some idea of what is going on. I will update when it’s resolved and if anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!


    Still not resolved but on my blog I have a 2 full posts and then the rest are excerpts. I noticed that the thumbnail picture wasn’t showing up on the excerpt posts so I played around with “featured image” and that worked to get the thumbnail back into the excerpt posts. However, when I post to my blog I still get the thumbnail on top of the enlarged picture I have inserted into my post, even if the “featured image” is not set. I am wondering if it has to do this because of the way the layout has been set up (i.e. 2 full posts and excerpts).
    For those that use excerpts, do you have to manually go in and pick a featured image after the post gets bumped down to the bottom. If I left the top 2 posts with the thumbnail and the larger image than I wouldn’t have to do that, but it looks silly that way?
    I will leave this test example up for a day or two and then I am going to delete.
    Sorry if the way I explained this is confusing! Thanks!

    Ok, that test actually didn’t put the thumbnail on top! That is good news because I don’t want it in the post, but bad news because now I have to manually go back and set a featured image when that posts gets bumped down to one of the excerpts. You see on “aarty party, turmeric-rubbed shrimp” there is no picture. I have to go back and set it to the featured image. There must be an easier way to do this!??

    ahh what yo are seeing is the difference between the_content and the_excerpt

    I’m guessing that the first ones use the_content, and the latter the_excerpt.

    If you remember to set a featured image for every post then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But to change things, you’d need the theme altering.

    If I set a featured image to everyone than I get the thumbnail on top of the picture. I just put another test up with example. I’ve never seen anyones blog that does that?

    So you are saying I would need the theme altered to get rid of this issue?

    Thank you for helping!

    I think so, but I could be wrong – though I would certainly look at the the theme first.

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