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    I’m trying to make “Jolyon’s Blog” the title of my blog, but wordpress wants to keep on inserting a \ slash before the apostrophe, which shows up on the titles (for example, on the front page). I’ve read that this was an issue with earlier versions of wordpress; is there a fix around?



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  • I’m having the same issue, though in my case I’m more concerned with other places that WP is automatically (trying to?) escape apostrophe/single quote marks. I first encountered this with image link titles, but after some testing, noticed that it behaves a bit strangely:

    If I’m using an image as a link to an image, like this:

    <a href="/images/image1_large.jpg" title="Here's an image"><img src="/images/image1.jpg></a>

    then the title shows up as “Here\’s an image”. However, if I’m using an image as a link to a non-image (or possibly just text-type) file, like this:

    <a href="/documents/document1.html" title="Here's a document"><img src="/images/image1.jpg></a>

    then the title shows up, correctly, as “Here’s a document”. It also works for a directory or a .php file, but not .png or .gif either – basically it seems links to image files are not working.

    And yeah, if I put an ‘ in my title, it shows up with the slash too.

    I have the same problem.
    In fact, I’m having a LOT of problems.
    Wordpress hasn’t worked properly for me since 2.1 and on my main blog I’ve gone back all the way to 2.0.5
    Don’t even ask what happened when I upgraded, it was *bad*.
    Categories couldn’t be edited, /’s everywhere, in every single old blog article.
    Editing them out and saving only resulted in it happening again, so I ended up ripping the guts out of the server and putting 2.0.5 back on.

    I’ve installed – from scratch – with 2.2.2 and got nowhere.
    Same with 2.2.3.
    Same with installing 2.2.2 with Fantastico.
    Same after upgrading to 2.2.3 after that.

    It will not go away. I’ve got a bare bones install in there at the moment, and it’s total pants.

    Not only do I have the / problem, but on top of this none of the theme previews display either.
    Looking at anything to do with themes on points you at stuff pertaining to 1.5.
    I like wordpress… but… right now I’m thinking of going to other blog software.

    I’m having the same issue, but it just now started. I have a new blog…took content from the old one and imported to a wordpress install on it’s own server. The title was fine for the last few days but when I went to change the tagline under the blog title, it started adding the /.

    The blog is “Dream’s End” and is known fairly well as that, so I’d like to keep my apostrophe…

    I just noticed this today on two different blogs I have, both upgraded to 2.2.3. I had not noticed it prior.

    Where I noticed it was in the tagline for the blog, where, in the case of my son’s blog, had a tagline like so:

    “some text here, it’s great”

    so some double-quoted text, with an apostrophe in it, ended up like so:

    \”some text here, it\’s great\”

    which as you might imagine, looks rather odd in the tagline.

    I’ve noticed it’s being escaped with slashes even when I remove the slashes from the Tagline box in Options, it reappears there, and is saved and displayed this way again.

    I have no idea offhand if this is happening elsewhere in WordPress/in my blog, but if it is, I’d love to know, so I can roll things back or at least know to keep an eye out.

    I’m obviously keen on some guidance or fix for the problem in the first place, too. 🙂


    I noticed that this issue now extends to the blog tagline after I upgraded to 2.2.3. I ended up having to manually SSH into the server and editing the MySQL database directly to get it to work – hardly an ideal solution. And yeah, definitely want to find some sort of fix for this.

    I’m having the same problem. Please help!!

    Same problem here with 2.2.3.

    Same issue here, anyone submitted a bug for this yet?

    No, not yet… where can you submit a bug? I was just going to wait for 2.3 to come out and hope it was fixed there…



    2.3 fixes this problem.

    If 2.3 fixes the problem, then 2.3.1 breaks the fix.

    Same problem for me. I’m using WP 2.2.3 and I can’t upgrade yet due to plugin incompatibilities.

    So I’d like a solution to this issue for 2.2.3.
    Can someone help us out please? We’re stucked… 🙁

    I’m seeing this same problem with apostrophes in image titles/alt tags in Version 2.5.1. Is there still no fix?

    Same problem with 2.5.1 (it did not occur with 2.3).
    Maybe a solution here:

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