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  • Is this post, tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally, completely different from this one, pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio, or have you possibly renamed one to the other? WordPress will try to keep track of permalink changes. Most of the time it works pretty well. That is why I ask.

    No, I’m pretty sure they are both entirely different posts. Any other ideas?

    You actually have two redirects.

    00:00:03.820	0.701	582	256	GET	301	Redirect to: /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio-2.html
    00:00:04.669	0.603	584	256	GET	301	Redirect to: /2012/07/tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally.html
    00:00:05.417	1.230	590	13610	GET	404	text/html
    1. /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio.html (the original request)
    2. /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio-2.html (redirect 1)
    3. /2012/07/tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally.html (redirect 2, which 404s)

    Check your post Trash first.

    Have you edited your .htaccess file?

    Do you have any plugins that might be causing a redirection?

    Do you have access to PhpMyAdmin? Or some other tool that lets you look at the database? WordPress tracks old post names in the *_postmeta table under the key _wp_old_slug. I am fairly confident that these posts have somehow gotten conflated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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