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  • thisboldgirl


    I have one permalink that is redirecting to another and i don’t know how or why. This blog was recently moved from blogger, so it does use the SEO Blogger to WordPress Redirection, but there are no redirects specifically for this url in WordPress.

    When I Preview this post, it does work. But viewing it takes me to the other permalink. (which is now a 404 page b/c it’s in draft mode)

    Any ideas?


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  • s_ha_dum


    Is this post, tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally, completely different from this one, pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio, or have you possibly renamed one to the other? WordPress will try to keep track of permalink changes. Most of the time it works pretty well. That is why I ask.



    No, I’m pretty sure they are both entirely different posts. Any other ideas?



    You actually have two redirects.

    00:00:03.820	0.701	582	256	GET	301	Redirect to: /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio-2.html
    00:00:04.669	0.603	584	256	GET	301	Redirect to: /2012/07/tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally.html
    00:00:05.417	1.230	590	13610	GET	404	text/html
    1. /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio.html (the original request)
    2. /2012/07/pb-knockoff-double-chaise-for-patio-2.html (redirect 1)
    3. /2012/07/tween-sons-bedroom-before-and-after-finally.html (redirect 2, which 404s)

    Check your post Trash first.

    Have you edited your .htaccess file?

    Do you have any plugins that might be causing a redirection?

    Do you have access to PhpMyAdmin? Or some other tool that lets you look at the database? WordPress tracks old post names in the *_postmeta table under the key _wp_old_slug. I am fairly confident that these posts have somehow gotten conflated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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