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  • Looks like it is outside of your theme footer. Have you (or your designer/developer) made any site changes recently?

    If you have access to your web host (either by FTP or SSH) then take a look at the timestamps on the files (using ls -l) to see what has been most recently modified. Whilst unlikely, it could be someone who has cracked the security on your site; sadly it does happen a fair bit with WP, since it is a popular target!

    It seems it’s only affecting your home page. I would take a look at the index.php file in your theme to see if there’s anything at the end of that. You can see this in Appearance -> Editor -> Main Index Template (the last one may be called something different, this might vary per theme).

    (Off-topic: the plural word “FAQ’s” should be “FAQs” i.e. without an apostrophe. Apostrophes are only for contractions and ownership).

    I can see that link on the bottom of the product pages as well

    I. Found the source in case anyone else has this issue, it is the rush seo plug in around line 1403

    Sounds like a malicious plugin. Have you disabled and removed it entirely?

    Is this plugin available in the WordPress plugins repo? If so, this behaviour would violate the guidelines (imo) and should be notified to WP so they can remove it.

    Yes. I got this plug in via the wp “add plugin” link on the dashboard. As far as removing it, for the time being I changed the links from the gaming site to a page on my site. It is an seo plug in and when I remove it I loose a lot of the seo stuff. So… I will need to find another one to use. I am not an expert at this stuff, I just know enough to be dangerous. Bing was having a fit and wouldn’t allow me to run an ad as long as it was on the site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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