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  • Hi,

    Ever since I made slight changes a little while back to the appearance of my site ( running a modified version of the Sight theme, I’ve had issues with categories and titles on the home page taking on unwanted italics. Inspecting the elements with issues gives me hardly any obvious clues, which is pretty unusual.

    I’ve also noticed that no more than two slides will show in the slideshow, and the others set to display there don’t display anywhere.

    thanks for any advice out there,


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  • Hmm, I see what you mean but I can’t figure an immediate reason why. It’s weird, something seems to be throwing in outdated <i> tags. This seems like something you’ll have to contact the theme developers about, since you’re not using a repository theme.

    Here’s their support forum! Hope they can help you figure it out.

    Your HTML has 22 <i> tags in it, presently, but I cannot see what might be generating them. I’m assuming these are dynamically generated, and you don’t know what’s creating them.

    One option is to change the css for the italics tag, like so:

    i { font-style: normal; }

    As far as the slider issue, you might try some of the suggestions in this other thread that I’ve linked.

    Good morning, Nick

    It looks like you took my advice about the styling of the italics tag, and you’ve figured out how to get three slides displaying in your slider.

    Does that mean this thread is now resolved? If so, could I ask you to please mark it as resolved as a favor, please.

    Hi Andrew,

    Appreciate the earlier suggestion you made, and I am using it temporarily until I can track down the real culprit. Our site uses far too many italics to turn them all off forever (needed for Associated Press style for TV shows and albums), but it’s kept it from being too embarrassing right now.

    The slider beginning to work again is also perplexing, since I haven’t touched it.

    Will probably use VaultPress to restore certain .php files tomorrow, and then will report back here…

    Understood. I’m curious– why are you using <i> instead of <em>?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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