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  • My friend’s site may have been the victim of a hacked plug-in, or WP hack. A list of ad links suddenly appeared all over the site and I can’t figure out where they’re coming from.

    I deactivated all the 3rd party plugins except for Akismet, but they’re still there. Tried other Themes, but it’s still there.

    Anyone seen anything like this?

    Looks ok in Firefox on my Mac, but it’s visible in Safari and Chrome.

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  • Hello.

    I also have this problem and it’s hurting my business site. I was away for a week and only noticed the problem today. I deactivated all my plugings, BG image and re-installed WP, but the ad links hack still remains.
    I wonder if the issue might not reside with my web provider?

    Here’s a link to mt site:


    Any insight, comments or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    addendum: Unfortunately, my issue appears when viewed in all major browers.



    Yeah.. that domain redirects to where it appears to have been put up for sale. Usually, it’s the owner of the domain who actually lists it for sale. Just go hit up the whois info and take a peek. Maybe your friend can contact his host or registrar if he thinks there’s still a problem.

    Hi WPyogi.

    My computer was shutdown for one week and I saw the problem from my mobile device. So that eliminates the malware possibility from my end. My site is hosted by Godaddy and I suspect the hack was done on that end. However, I will go through your suggested Tshooting links.

    Many thanks.

    Oh definitely could be GoDaddy – they had a bunch of servers hacked – many unhappy people here with similar issues. Those resources should help you out with it – though still a big drag.

    I have to now consider dropping Goddady. This is affwecting my business. I’m very disappointed in their lack of action. I never received any e-mail notification from them concerning possible issues re: hacks on their servers. Very irresponsible.

    Thx for the info.

    I posted the wrong URL:

    And I think she might use Godaddy too…

    Tigerscratch: I don’t see any hack ad links from the site link you provided. Thx though.

    Yes, if you look at the source code, there’s suspicious stuff…the links above should help you out with it.

    I ran the securinet scan and it found this malware:


    This is a nightmare.

    Thanks Yogi… we’re going to reach out to GoDaddy for sure.
    I’ll investigate the links in a parallel path… thanks for the quick replies.

    Hi all. Thx for your involvement. I’ll get on the phone this morning with Godads and see if they can resolve this issue for me. I’m flummoxed at the fact that they are not more proactive about these hacking threats and intrusions. They are losing credibility in the security dept.


    Newsflash: GoDads cleaned the malware (took 10 mins over the phone). No apologies, of course. The support dude also put the blame on my WP plugins (which I don’t think was the case in my situation as I had not updated anything in over a week) and on my theme (i.e. Photocrati). I cannot confirm the latter though. There is no current Pcrati update available (next one is entering the beta stage). I guess I’ll have to contact the good folks at Pcrati and discuss the issue with them too.

    I’m not sure if this issue is totally solved?

    Mega thanks to everyone who replied!!!

    Pierre – I JUST got off the phone with GoDaddy myself.

    They couldn’t even recreate the problem (though it looked like you and I had the same issue). The most they could offer is to purchase their malware scanning product at a yearly rate of $67.

    Oy. The Securinet scan didn’t show anything on our site. Do any of you guys see black links at the top of the page:

    My friend was the one that alerted me to it and I’m seeing it on Chrome and Safari.
    I’m sure we’re both on Macs.

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